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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 9,437

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RAchel now covering McCarthy Trump phone call. CNN covered. PRobably others. Hard to ignore now.

Calling out Trump attys for lying about Trump knowing Pence was in danger. She said more later. Raising question of calling McCarthy and Tuberville as witnesses. Curious who her interview will be.
On edit: going into detail on Tuberville call and timing.

CHris Hayes covering McCarthy/ Trump phone call during capitol attack

Was hoping that would come out in media before tomorrow.

Coolest cat markings ever. Three with hearts! Today's mental health break.













Ari Melber: "A failed coup without consequences becomes a training exercise."

He may have been quoting someone from today...not sure.

President Biden gives a reporter his cup of coffee on a cold DC morning.

Imagine how it feels as a member of the press to be treated with kindness and respect. What a welcome change.

RAchel interviewing Fulton Co. GA district atty RE T phone call to SOS and other

GA officials he tried to manipulate.
Edited to add she has had to double her security and is getting a lot of racist flak.

Animals interrupting wildlife photographers:Humor and cuteness for your mental health break

More at link:

Anyone know status on Merrick Garland confirmation hearing?

Just did a search and can't find anything since Lindsay said the 8th was too early.

Want some inspiration? While the world has been distracted, change has been happening anyway.

I had no idea there were this many...

There is no one more perfect than Joe Biden for this time in American history.

I have thought that ever since he became the nominee, that he was best suited to put things back together because of his experience - because he knows how it all works when it's working, and he knows who to choose for what jobs. But the more I see of him, the more I think everything about him makes him exactly the right person for this time and it goes far beyond just his experience to the very core of who he is as a person.
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