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Member since: Mon Nov 29, 2004, 09:18 PM
Number of posts: 7,821

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Rarely mentioned reason FL governor election so important & GOP more freaked than about GA:

FL has 29 electoral votes. They have had problems with corruption and voter suppression in their elections at least since 2000, enabled by GOP governors. A democratic governor can do a lot to clean up elections in a state. It would be a game changer nationally in both presidential and down-ballot races and therefore control of Congress.

GA also has had a lot of corruption in elections, probably even more, but they only have 16 electoral votes and about half the number of congressional reps of FL.

Of course this is only one of many reasons why this election is so important, but I don't hear it often mentioned.

THis means Adam Schiff head of house intel! THis means...OMG. What a game changer.

Guys, please put the state and the race when you post! We dont all know all the races in the country

MSNBC predicting Cruz as winner for TX senate.


Heitcamp lost to Cramer in ND senate race. MSNBC talking about the suppression of the native vote.

Kris Kobach just went down in KS!!! Just called by MSNBC. Laura Kelly just won governor.

And lost to a woman, no less.
THis is a big win for election integrity.

Just called: Jared Polis for governor Colorado - first openly gay gov in US!

How cool is that.
Another reallly good first tonight!

RAchel directly taking on Kris Koback over Dodge City voter suppression!

As in having her producer go there and physically look at the inaccessible polling place and show it on TV! SHe's exposing all their lies about why they can't put the ONLY polling place in a more accessible place rather than a mile outside of Dodge. SHe'been calling KObach and the county election clerk both trying to get answers. A lot of failure to return calls.
ACLU has a case pending with the plantiff a Hispanic kid who just turned 18 and will be eligible to vote for the first time. He wants to become an immigration lawyer.

To warm your hearts, because you need it: Animals who found their BFF twins in other species

Cross-species friendships - a reminder of goodness in the world.


Guest on Ali just referred to "the MAGAbomber, as this guy shall be known from now on..."

THe name has stuck. (Ali filling in for Lawrence.)
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