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sellitman's Journal
sellitman's Journal
May 13, 2023

DeathSantis is a menace worse than tRump.

Learning about the Holocaust isn't considered being effing"woke." It is deeply concerning that this Dictator dismisses or downplays the importance of understanding one of the most horrifying and significant events in human history. The Holocaust represents the darkest depths of human cruelty, and its lessons are vital for us to confront the dangers of prejudice, discrimination, and unchecked power.

Governor DeathSantis's stance on banning books about the Holocaust is not only misguided but also deeply troubling. Denying access to information and suppressing historical truth is a dangerous path that threatens our intellectual freedom and erodes our collective memory. It is essential to preserve the opportunity for individuals to learn about the Holocaust and engage in critical thinking to prevent the repetition of such atrocities.

Education about the Holocaust is not a matter of being "woke"; it is about embracing our responsibility to remember, honor the victims, and ensure that future generations understand the consequences of hatred and intolerance. It is a moral obligation to teach and learn about the Holocaust, not only to confront the past but also to shape a more compassionate and empathetic society.

Banning books about the Holocaust and dismissing its significance as " woke" only perpetuates ignorance and fosters an environment where historical facts and critical understanding are disregarded. We must reject such narrow-minded perspectives and actively promote the importance of Holocaust education, emphasizing the need to confront the past, learn from it, and work towards a better future.

We will Never Forget!!!

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