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Member since: Sun Nov 28, 2004, 11:58 AM
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So is a Ron Paul win in Iowa good for President Obama or more dangerous than the other cons?

I always look at these things in context. Surely a RP victory drives the GOP crazy but does it help our cause?

Personally I think he is most dangerous and most extreme candidate out there. His monitary schemes would drive this country past the brink IMHO. His form of Libertarianism is just Republicanism on steroids. His bigotry, homophobia & blatent antisemitism are vile. Clearly only his anti war stance is the only thing we have in common with.

Comparing him to to the other clowns in the race to the bottom he is the only one who would pull off some low information Liberals. I doubt any of the other Candidates would appeal to Independents. Part of Obama's electorate was most definitely Independent in 2008. Will that be effected by a RP win?

In short this Stormfront posterboy scares the crap out of me.


Breaking: Rupert Murdock Joins Twitter, Expresses Support For Santorum

Good to see santorum surging in Iowa. Regardless of policies, all debates showed principles, consistency and humility like no other.



RNC Compiles 500-Page Book of Clips to Be Used Against ObamaóReport

"The GOP strategy is to refrain from attacking Obama personally, as polls show he is still well-liked by many voters, even if his policies arenít. Instead, they aim to undermine him with his own words, by showing clips reflecting empty promises and lackluster economic improvement".

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