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Member since: Sat Nov 27, 2004, 06:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,962

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Hoping for Paul Ryan to stay home in Janesville, Wisconsin

having lost his seat in the House as well.

I wonder who this less-than-smart guy voted for...

My son came back from voting and said an older guy in line near him was talking about the last person to be elected president three times was........Teddy!

Please send the Red Cross undesignated donations

This is from a friend who works with the Red Cross in NYC who said to share it freely:

"When you read posts by people who want you to specify that donations to The American Red Cross in Greater New York (or any other relief organization) should go to a specific purpose, remind them of this:

Restricting donations to disasters that have already happened is very damaging.

BEFORE Sandy hit, the Red Cross had to already own functioning, inspected, registered, insured vehicles--and had to have money available for gas and oil. Those vehicles were used to move blankets, cots, MREs, water, and other supplies into position so they would be available once roads were blocked. Those goods already had to be purchased and in warehouses (which need insurance, electricity, etc.)

The people--90% of whom are volunteers--needed offices, which means electricity, water, heat/air conditioning, computers, furniture, printers, paper, toner, telephones, Internet service, etc. etc--all of which had to have been purchased and set up.

Do you see now why unrestricted money is so important? The Red Cross (and every disaster relief organization) needs to be able to prepare for upcoming disasters. If you restrict your donation to being used in past disasters, you are not helping prepare for the next--which could involve you."

It's donation time (but to whom) Romney Rolling in the Money


West Virginia Turnpike 30 October 2012

I agree with my right-wing friends: Vote for Obama

But avoid their fine print. (It says practice Obama abstinence!)

Repubiicans trying to distort the abortion issue totally

They are focusing on not allowing exceptions to an abortion ban so that folks will say later that we're lucky to have those exceptions still. That ignores the fact that there shouldn't be a ban at all.

Romney: Corporations are people, but women are not

I get it, Mitt, and that's one of many reasons that President Obama got my vote again today.

I voted today -- my first presidential vote was for George McGovern in 1972 (RIP)

One hour wait in line at the Jefferson County (WV) Courthouse (where John Brown was tried...) The bailiff told me that there has been a constant line since early voting started on Wednesday.

Is Romney the Peace Candidate now?

Is that in memory of George McGovern?
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