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Member since: Sat Nov 27, 2004, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,349

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Sheesh...the orange guy

certainly can't even read a speech decently. And he glaringly mispronounced oceanographer.

Washington Post: 365 days of Trumps claims


Fact Checker
365 days of Trump’s claims
The Fact Checker’s ongoing database of President Trump’s 586 false and misleading claims since January 20th
Updated May 18, 2017

"'Mainly a Failure': Trump Approval Ratings Hit New Near-Historic Low" by Nadia Prupis

Published on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 by Common Dreams
'Mainly a Failure': Trump Approval Ratings Hit New Near-Historic Low

'There is no way to spin or sugarcoat these sagging numbers'
President Donald Trump's approval ratings have slipped yet again, falling to a near-record low of 36 percent, according to a poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University.

The survey of registered voters found that 58 percent disapprove of the job he's doing as president. When broken down into issues, the numbers are even more stark, with 59 percent disapproving of his handling of foreign policy and 62 percent disapproving of his take on immigration.


Arise o God! Holy Saturday

OMG! SNL's Baldwin as Cheetolini tonight

is his duped supporters' "finger in the chili".

"The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is."


Enough is enough: Throw out the whole Trump administration!


I am so heartsick.

I knew Hillary was infinitely better than Trump although I had been a delegate from West Virginia for Bernie.

I really really thought she would win both the popular vote AND the Electoral College vote.

Then after the election I thought Trump's freak show would come crashing down before January 20th.

Now every day it gets worse and worse and our WV Senators and Representatives are aiding and abetting the big orange and his tainted crew.

I feel powerless but I try to keep faith and hope.

Anne Frank wrote: “Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”


Miss Manners on Rudeness in the Age of Trump

The renowned etiquette columnist offers an alternative list of virtues for a time when the U.S. president has violated all traditional expectations of statesman‐like behavior.



More Clinton emails released, including some she deleted

Source: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — An additional 165 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton's time at the State Department surfaced Monday, including nearly three dozen that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee failed to hand over last year that were sent through her private server.

The latest emails were released under court order by the State Department to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch. The batch includes 34 new emails Clinton exchanged through her private account with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. The aide, who also had a private email account on Clinton's home server, later gave her copies to the government.

The emails were not among the 55,000 pages of work-related messages that Clinton turned over to the agency in response to public records lawsuits seeking copies of her official correspondence. They include a March 2009 message where the then-secretary of state discusses how her official records would be kept.

"I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State," Clinton wrote to Abedin and a second aide. "Who manages both my personal and official files? ... I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want."

Read more: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/775550d62ef8487a975a2a1c1c8b1100/more-clinton-emails-released-including-some-she-deleted

Police: W.Va. man shot and killed three people 'ambush-style'

Source: Hagerstown MD Herald-Mail

Authorities said a preliminary investigation shows three people were murdered when a Great Cacapon, W.Va., man who was prepping for the "end of times" hid behind a tree and opened fire with an assault-style rifle Monday afternoon on top of Sideling Hill Mountain in Morgan County, W.Va.
"He took cover behind a tree and shot these people ambush-style," Morgan County Sheriff Vince Shambaugh said Tuesday morning.
He said an initial investigation and information provided by a person who escaped the shooting indicate Erick Shute, 32, of Great Cacapon, fired the fatal shots from behind an oak tree about 20- to 25-yards away.
The dead were identified as Jack Douglas of Great Cacapon, and Travis Bartley and Willie Bartley, both of Hedgesville, W.Va.
Shambaugh said an AR-15 rifle was used to commit the killings.

Read more: http://www.heraldmailmedia.com/news/breaking/police-w-va-man-shot-and-killed-three-people-ambush/article_078a4f3c-323c-11e6-bf69-bf8b2145c508.html

More AR-15 killings
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