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GOP Voter Registration Firm Turns in Thousands of 'Invalid' Registration Forms in California

Source: BRAD BLOG, News10

GOP Voter Registration Firm Turns in Thousands of 'Invalid' Registration Forms in California
Long history of Republican registration fraud continues, dwarfs allegations against ACORN workers...

You're unlikely to hear a peep about this on Fox "News" (unless they happen to have me on), but the California Secretary of State's Election Fraud Division is now reportedly investigating a firmed hired by the Sacramento County Republican Party said to have submitted thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms.

According to a report today from Sacramento ABC affiliate News10 (see video posted below), a private, for-profit firm calling itself Momentum Political Services, hired by the local Republican Party "to boost GOP registration ranks in key battleground communities" has turned in more than 3,100 hundred invalid voter registration cards during their recent drive.

Voter registration forms have allegedly been turned in with fake addresses, voter names that don't exist, duplicate Social Security numbers, and party affiliations that seem to have been changed "by someone" to Republican. The head of the firm has admitted she has hired workers with criminal backgrounds, as found via Craigslist.

Republican-hired firms found committing massive voter registration fraud of the type described above in California, and elsewhere, is hardly new. It's a pattern that has emerged again and again in recent election cycles, not that you'll hear about it on Fox "News". Overall, GOP chicanery of this sort, particularly in California, now dwarfs anything that ACORN was ever (misleadingly) accused of…

FULL STORY: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=9291

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