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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri Nov 26, 2004, 04:56 AM
Number of posts: 27,692

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happy birthday

i see you're feeling the time pinch. here's some advice:
be happy, create joy for yourself & others, make a positive difference (big or little) in the lives of others, and love. love as much as you can.

you have 1 year until the next go-around. make it an outstanding one.

this brought me to tears:

"I never paid any attention to clouds before. Now I see everything from a totally different perspective: every cloud outside my window, every flower in the vase. Suddenly, everything matters.

Name: Wolfgang Kotzahn
Age: 57
Born: 19th January 1947
Died: 4th February 2004, at Leuchtfeuer Hospice, Hamburg

his words "suddenly, everything matters" is lingering, haunting almost, it's poetry, and devastating, inspiring, emotionally explosive, and a glimpse into the divine.

"suddenly, everything matters" is how life should always be, is never how life is because we haven't got the time in our adult-minded day-to-day; it is how life was when we were children and, for some of us, how life becomes when given the time to contemplate our soon-to-be departure from all that surrounds us.

his words--"suddenly, everything matters"--makes me weep

love it! & i love eight o'clock coffee! the biscuits look great.

go ahead, have a tea biscuit with coffee. my mom absolutely would have--have one for my mom!
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