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logosoco's Journal
logosoco's Journal
September 19, 2014

Can anyone help me understand...


there have been 8 health workers killed in Guinea, and it does not even seem to make the top stories of the news (granted I don't watch cable or local news, so I could be wrong). But ISIL kills journalists and many people are yelling for war.

I don't get it. I understand that the health care workers were killed by misinformed villagers and ISIL seems to have more structure and are openly saying they want to kill more. Ebola is killing a lot of people, and the workers are there to help them and stop the spread of the disease. We can do a lot to learn more about how ebola starts and is spread and can be prevented, and Obama has tried to send as much funding as he could.

I just don't understand how some people can be so ready to bang the drums of war in the middle east but don't seem to care much about a deadly thing that we could actually stop.
September 12, 2014

A republican running for state representative just came to my door.

I am surprised the peace sign and the "I am the 99%" sticker on my garage door did not scare him away.
He was polite, and I was as well (feeling pretty mature of myself for my 50 years!). I told him we were happy with what we get for what we pay in taxes. Our community would benefit from better jobs, but that is true most everywhere these days. I did bring up that it is a shame so many young people are drowning in student debt. I mentioned my son in the Peace Corps and how it would be nice if he could get a break on his loans.
Afterward I thought maybe I should have been more...outspoken? But, on the whole I am happy with myself for being polite. And I do give him some respect as he is the first person running for office I have ever had come to the door in 22 years of living here.
But, I still won't vote for him.

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