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Ian David

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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:28 AM
Number of posts: 69,059

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"Woo Shaming" is so excellent, that I just submitted it to Urban Dictionary. Thanks!

Submission under review

Your entry is under review by editors.

Woo Shaming

Definition: The justifiable ridicule of those so ignorant of how the Universe really works, that they subscribe to nonsense such as homeopathy and crystal power.

Example: There are some things that are so patently absurd as to be unworthy of arguing against; those who believe in these things are lost beyond redemption, and the only thing left to do is engage in woo shaming.

by Ian David on Jan 6, 2014

tags: Science, Pseudoscience, Alternative Medicine, Education, Woo, Homeopathy, Derp, Reality, Medicine, Skepticism, Skeptic, Alt Med

New Group Proposal: Underground Mingle. Or Progressive Mingle. Or DUharmony. Or DUcupid.

Or DemFriendFinder. Or PlentyOfDems.

Hell, if it takes-off, Skinner may even have a new, multimillion dollar enterprise to run.

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