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Ian David

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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:28 AM
Number of posts: 69,059

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I'm impressed!

I didn't know Anthrax invented a vaccine!

The Earth does NOT revolve around the Sun. The Earth and the Sun both orbit the barycenter...

the solar system's center of mass, along with all the other planetary objects.

Since 2008, that center has been OUTSIDE the Sun.


Look what they let these three through security with...

"Woo Shaming" is so excellent, that I just submitted it to Urban Dictionary. Thanks!

Submission under review

Your entry is under review by editors.

Woo Shaming

Definition: The justifiable ridicule of those so ignorant of how the Universe really works, that they subscribe to nonsense such as homeopathy and crystal power.

Example: There are some things that are so patently absurd as to be unworthy of arguing against; those who believe in these things are lost beyond redemption, and the only thing left to do is engage in woo shaming.

by Ian David on Jan 6, 2014

tags: Science, Pseudoscience, Alternative Medicine, Education, Woo, Homeopathy, Derp, Reality, Medicine, Skepticism, Skeptic, Alt Med

New Group Proposal: Underground Mingle. Or Progressive Mingle. Or DUharmony. Or DUcupid.

Or DemFriendFinder. Or PlentyOfDems.

Hell, if it takes-off, Skinner may even have a new, multimillion dollar enterprise to run.

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