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Ian David

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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:28 AM
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Call to Action: Ask Your Mass. Senators & Reps to Cosponsor Equal Access Bill by Jan. 31

Call to Action: Ask Your Mass. Senators & Reps to Cosponsor Equal Access Bill by Jan. 31

[link:http://www.masstpc.org/take-action/contact-elected/|Demand equal access to public accomodations for transgender people in Massachusetts!
The cosponsorship deadline for the Equal Access Bill is February 1. So now is the time to make your voice heard! Contact your state senators and representatives TODAY and ask them to support the bill.

In November 2011, Massachusetts became the 16th state to add non-discrimination laws for gender identity in the areas of employment, housing, K-12 public education, and credit. Additionally, Massachusetts Hate Crimes laws were also updated to include gender identity. This law is known as the Act Relative to Gender Identity.

This new law did not include protections in public accommodations, though. Public accommodations include banks, gas stations, beauty salons, doctors’ offices, court rooms, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, sports arenas, museums, libraries, zoos, beaches, public transit, airports, public streets, sidewalks, and many other places open to the public.

Here’s what YOU can do to ensure all transgender people in Massachusetts have equal rights to use public spaces free of any discrimination.

1) Locate your state officials.

2) Ask for your State Representative or Senator by name. Usually you end up speaking with a legislative aide. Introduce yourself as a constituent. Give your name and town. Tell them that passing the Equal Access Bill is VERY important to you. If they need more information, tell them the bill has been filed as House Docket #1172 and Senate Docket #568.

The Equal Access Bill would add “gender identity” to existing Massachusetts civil rights law for public accommodations, which currently prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, sex and marital status. Nationwide, 15 states, the District of Columbia and 187 cities and counties (including Boston, Cambridge, Amherst and Northampton) have passed non-discrimination laws or ordinances protecting people on this basis.

If you would like to follow a detailed script when calling, you can find that here.

3) Fill out our Report Results form to let us know how it went.

Another way that you can help is to talk up #MAtransbill online.

We’d love for you to post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., about why you are supporting the Equal Access Bill today. Why are public accommodations protections important to you? Use the hashtag #MAtransbill, and add #TransMA and #MApoli if there’s room. Here’s a sample tweet:

Stop discrimination in MA public accommodations based on gender-identity/expression. Call sens/reps 1/31! http://www.masstpc.org/take-action/contact-elected #MAtransbill

If you’d like more information, please check out these resources:

If you’d like more information, please check out these resources:

* 2013 Equal Access in Public Accommodations Legislative Brief (PDF)

* What Are Public Accommodations? (PDF)

* Consequences of Not Having Equal Access Protections in Public Accommodations (PDF)


Why the BSA Will Not Admit Atheists Any Time Soon

Why the BSA Will Not Admit Atheists Any Time Soon

The Boy Scouts of America appears to be ready to take a small, but significant step forward by changing its national policy prohibiting gay scouts. This is good news. Unfortunately, the BSA will continue to exclude atheists, and I predict the organization will continue to do this for some time.

I applaud the BSA for reconsidering its policy barring gay scouts. A policy reversal is long overdue, but better late than never. Admittedly, the change in policy, if it is confirmed next week, will only end discrimination by the national organization. Local scout councils will retain the discretion to ban gay scouts based on the “best interests” of the local group. So the BSA change is a baby step. Still, CFI is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and we are encouraged by any movement toward social and civil equality for members of the LGBT community.

Of course, the BSA continues to demand belief in God as a condition for membership. In other words, atheists and other nontheists are excluded. Given the BSA’s willingness to reconsider its position on gay scouts, is it possible the organization will soon reverse its position on exclusion of atheist scouts?
Second, the pressure felt by the national organization to change its policy came in part from the withdrawal of support by some major corporate sponsors. These corporations recognized it is bad for business to be associated with an anti-gay organization. Reality check: being known as an anti-atheist organization does not currently have the same business implications.


Does this image make you more likely not to run?

Does this image make you more likely to stop eating Soylent Green?

Does an image like this make you less likely to eat bread?

The Most Inappropriate Song About Abstinence You’ll Hear All Day

The Most Inappropriate Song About Abstinence You’ll Hear All Day

There’s nothing safe for work about this song.

You hear me?

Not. Safe. For. Work.

But it’s Garfunkel and Oates so you know it’s hilarious. They sing about a loophole to abstinence that Jesus himself would surely approve of…:


This is the same RNC that was arguing for a "Unitary Executive" (Dictatorship) when W was pResident.

Scholar says Bush has used obscure doctrine to extend power 95 times

The Bush administration has been using an extreme version of an obscure doctrine called the Unitary Executive Theory to justify executive actions that far exceed past presidents' power, RAW STORY has learned.

The doctrine assumes, in its extreme form, nearly absolute deference to the Executive branch from Congress and the Judiciary.

According to Dr. Christopher Kelley, a professor in the Department of Political Sciences at Miami University, as of April 2005, President Bush had used the doctrine 95 times when signing legislation into law, issuing an executive order, or responding to a congressional resolution.


Does anyone remember the dude who was able to fake being a savant?

He was in a mental hospital or something, and he fooled the entire staff into thinking he was a piano virtuoso, but in reality he was just hitting one key over and over again.

Even today, with the right banter and context, large groups of people can be fooled by simple tricks.

Edited to add:

Here it is. I found it:

Andreas Grassl
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Andreas Grassl (born 25 October 1984) is a German man found in England in April 2005, who remained unidentified for a long time due to his refusal to speak, communicating instead through drawing and playing the piano. During the more than four months that passed until he revealed his identity, the mysterious story spawned media attention and speculation across the world, dubbing him the Piano Man.

When Grassl was picked up by police on 7 April 2005, he was wandering the streets in Sheerness, Kent, in England, wearing a soaking wet suit and tie, and he did not answer any questions. Remaining silent, he was presented a pen and paper by Medway Maritime Hospital staff in the hope he would write his name. Instead, he drew a detailed sketch of a grand piano. When they first brought him to a piano, he reportedly played music from various genres (ranging from classical music by Tchaikovsky to pop music by The Beatles) non-stop for four hours, and then was taken away by the hospital staff.


On 22 August, the British tabloid newspaper The Mirror reported that the Piano Man had finally broken his silence after more than four months, and that he had been exposed as a hoax. Additionally, the Mirror's source claimed that he did not play the piano properly, but "just kept tapping one key continuously." Hospital staff have maintained that his abilities were not exaggerated.



Piano Man Was a Hoax

They should do what the Sci-Fi channel did, and change their name to "The Hystery Channel." n/t

.... aaaaand SATAN!

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