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Ian David

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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:28 AM
Number of posts: 69,059

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Texas Rapper Makes "Gay is Okay" Song (BEN - Adair Lion)


Shot and Edited by Above The Notes & Cody Perez Photography

Like: http://www.facebook.com/adairlionmusicpage
Follow: http://www.facebook.com/adairlion
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ie/artist/adair-lion/id378274997

"Ben" is Adair's controversial first single off of his project titled "Michael & Me," an album that pays homage to the late great Michael Jackson.
The release of "Michael & Me" will be on June 25, 2012 which marks the third anniversary of his death.

Scott Brown acknowledges using part of health care law he wants to repeal

Scott Brown acknowledges using part of health care law he wants to repeal
Brown says daughter, 23, insured under health law

Senator Scott Brown, who won office vowing to be the 41st vote to block President Obama’s health care law, and who has since voted three times to repeal it, acknowledged Monday that he takes advantage of one of its components to keep his elder daughter on his congressional health insurance plan. “Of course I do,’’ Brown said. He said that element of the law, which has proven widely popular despite a split over the broader measure, can be provided by states


Everyone knows what The First of May is, right?

Florida "Uterus Controversy" Song Parody


New song parody from South Florida Raging Grannies, inspired by Florida's crazy "uterus controversy" that has made national news headlines; annoyed, amused and activated countless more women (and men) into opposing the corporate-loving, women-bashing Republican Party of FL; and made an instant celebrity/hero out of FL State Representative (D-Orlando) Scott Randolph, who dared utter the "U-word" while speaking on the House floor about the hypocrisy of the 18 anti-Choice bills that the GOP has advanced during this 2011 legislative session.

If you want to sing "The Uterus Song at a demonstration, rally or hell, a birthday party near you, here are the sensational, stinging lyrics...

The Uterus Song
(Tune: "Bye-Bye Blackbird"
Lyrics © by Vicki Ryder

If you're a Republican, it's okay to screw everyone,
Just don't say "uterus!"
You can send our kids to war while watching your investments soar,
But don't say "uterus!"
Taking bribes used to be thought just awful;
Now fat cats pay for your campaigns, that's lawful...
You can take our rights away and torture folks, that's still okay.
Just don't say... that word.

You take funds from Planned Parenthood; you'd take all our rights if ya could,
But don't say "uterus!"
You think abortion is a sin, but what's that fetus growin' in?
Shh! Don't say uterus!
You can get away with bloody torture,
Just don't say where you were when the stork brought ya.
We're glad you're lookin' out for us, so stamp your feet and make a fuss
When you hear... that word!

Since when is it a dirty word to say the "u" word? That's absurd!
We'll say "uterus."
We'll sing it strong and sing it loud; it's a part of us that makes us proud
So we'll say "uterus."
We're not ashamed to call our parts their right names,
We're just ashamed of men who play these mind games.
So end the wars and feed the poor; do what you were elected for,
And shout out loud... that word!

Uterus and uterus, uterus and uterus, uterus, uterus!
Uterus and uterus, uterus and uterus, uterus, uterus!
Uterus and uterus and uterus,
Uterus and uterus and uterus,
Uterus and uterus, uterus and uterus, uterus, uterus!

Cynthia Carle's New Album: Songs for Nonbelievers

Cynthia Carle's New Album: Songs for Nonbelievers
Cynthia Carle is going into the studio to make music for people who left God in their other pants.

You probably know that nonbelievers are the new black. We’re talking secular humanists, hard-core atheists, agnostics, ag-curious, backsliders, people who don't identify with any "-ist" or "-ism" whatsoever, and people who just find themselves saying, “Uh, wait a minute,” a lot. We deserve a fun & exciting concept album. We’re actually pretty gosh darn decent people, it turns out.

Songs For Nonbelievers will make you shout YES like you do when somebody finally says something you’ve been thinking, out loud. There are kickass musicians lined up: Marlon Grace, John McDuffie, Gary Stockdale. There are songs you’ll be jumping to, songs you’ll ruminate on, and songs you’ll wail along with, even if you’re sober. There are zombie saints, probability theory, glossolalia, the ACLU and a reminder about the importance of buying designer shoes for the Rapture. I had a blast writing this stuff and I can’t wait to get it into a studio. I guarantee that every single dollar you toss into this hat will be assigned a task, put to work immediately, and deeply, deeply appreciated. Also guaranteed: these songs will make you laugh, unless you’re the Pope.


American Atheists leaders receive death threats serious enough to warrant police attention

American Atheists leaders receive death threats serious enough to warrant police attention

The American Atheists posted on its Facebook fan page yesterday that it had received death threats against its President, Dave Silverman, and Communications Director, Blair Scott. Police were notified and are reportedly taking the threats seriously. "Religion makes some people too crazy," the post notes.

Email and voice mail threats were made about torture, kidnapping, and shooting.

American Atheists posted a portion of the email with an explanation:

"the minute you {Blair} step to speake, a 30 30 round will be put in your head, and then you will meet the satan and demons of hell that you do not believe in……………..dave however, will be taken and tortured for weeks till he crys out for 'god' to save him"

From the voice mail:

"If you {Blair} or Dave ever email me again, I will hunt you down like a bloodhound, tie you to a tree and torture you for weeks… damn f*ing {edited} atheists…"

He was getting email because he signed up on our web page as a user in order to stalk Dave and Blair. He has posted on their online videos, etc.

The voice mail can be heard here.


More TeaTerror.

See also:


Atheist Group: Movie Theater Discriminated Against Us By Pulling Ad

An atheist group in Texas is claiming discrimination after a local movie theater backed out of an agreement to run ads for the organization during pre-movie slideshows.

A rep for the group tells CBS that his organization had signed a six-month contract with the theater but that the exhibitor decided to cancel that agreement one day before the ads to begin showing.

"{T}]here were Christians in the community that were upset that atheists were able to advertise in the movie theaters and the business decided to cancel our contract simply on the basis of our religious beliefs," he claims to CBS. "{I}t's my understanding they allow churches to advertise there, and if they allow churches to advertise there, they should allow our organization to advertise there."

An attorney with the American Humanist Association believes that the theater's decision violates Title II of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, saying that the law "prohibits a business establishment such as a theater from discriminating on the basis of religious views (such as atheism)."


Dr. Who Meets Metal


Hat-tip to:

Boston Skeptics Movie Club: The Revisionaries

Boston Skeptics Movie Club: The Revisionaries
6:30pm until 8:10pm

A movie very much related to this months SitP speaker and Book Club author Katherine Stewart premiered last Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival, and will be showing Monday night as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival in Somerville. It is a documentary about the Texas State Board of Education and their text book selection process, as dexcribed in Chapter 7 of the book. We will try to gather in front of the theater at about 6:30. You might want to get there a little earlier if you need to buy or pick up tickets. For more details, see http://bostonskeptics.com/2012/04/movie-club-the-revisionaries/


J. Michael Stravinsky didn't sleep for days when he learned Bush was a fan of Babylon 5


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