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Ian David

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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:28 AM
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Wareham police seize firearms, including two assault rifles

Wareham police seize firearms, including two assault rifles


Wareham detectives confiscated several guns, including two assault rifles, stored by a Wareham man who wasn’t properly licensed during a search warrant’s execution at 14 Tomahawk Drive in the town’s Indian Mound Beach section Wednesday, Feb. 22.

Entry was made without incident, police said, and resident Brian Townley, 25, 14 Tomahawk Drive, was cooperative. He led detectives to a room in the house where several weapons and various ammunitions were located in a secured area. Police said rifles, including two assault-type rifles, two pistols, several rounds of ammunition, along with several magazine holders were located and secured.

Townley is due in court on March 20 to face charges of possession of a firearm without an FID card (six counts), possession of ammunition, possession of a large capacity feeding device (four counts), firearm possession with one prior violent crime conviction (juvenile offense).


Rush Limbaugh Sings "I'm a Nazi!"

Rush Sings "I'm a Nazi!"

Here's the original version:

He's a Nazi - Rush Limbaugh in his own voice!

Boston, MA: Protest Chris Christie’s Veto of Marriage Equality– Mon. March 5/5:30 PM @Copley Square

Protest Chris Christie’s Veto of Marriage Equality – Monday March 5/5:30 PM @ Copley Square

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) took a stand squarely on the side of bigotry on Friday, February 17th when he vetoed marriage equality legislation passed by that state’s legislature. The day before, the New Jersey Assembly endorsed same-sex marriage by a vote of 42-33; the New Jersey State Senate had approved the bill 24-16. Christie had earlier caused controversy by calling for a referendum vote on marriage equality, saying “I think people would have been happy to have a referendum on civil rights, rather than fighting and dying in the streets in the South” in the 1960’s. Compared to notorious Alabama Governor George Wallace and Georgia Governor Lester Maddox by openly gay State Assembly person Reed Gusciora, Christie was forced to apologize for insulting the civil rights movement.

Governor Christie comes to Boston on Monday, March 5, 2012 to headline a fundraiser for Republican Senator Scott Brown at the Westin Hotel in Copley Square. Join the Impact MA and other pro-equality organizations intend to protest his veto of marriage equality legislation at a rally to be held in Copley Square from 5:30 to 7 PM. Activists from across Massachusetts are invited to join in the action to send a loud and robust message that marriage equality is coming to America whether the right wing likes it or not. The opposition of craven public officials like Christie will only slow what is an inevitable march to full equality in the United States. They cannot stop the momentum.

The month of February, 2012 has seen tremendous progress toward marriage equality, with three state legislatures passing legislation in quick succession. First, the Washington legislature approved same-sex marriage, and the bill was signed by Governor Christine Gregoire (D) on February 13. The New Jersey legislature passed marriage equality on February 16, and the Maryland State Senate joined that state’s House of Delegates with a vote in favor on February 23, 2012. Governor Martin O’Malley will sign the bill into law. Washington and Maryland become the seventh and eighth states to embrace marriage equality. Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage in 2004.

The March 5th protestors will gather at the plaque honoring writer Kahlil Gibran on the Dartmouth Street side of Copley Square. A large turnout will signify that the tide of social change in 21st century America is inexorable. Come together with Join the Impact MA and presage the arrival of full federal equality in all 50 states.


Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)

Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)

‘Illegal To Be Gay’ In Mississippi, Police Shut Down An LGBT March

‘Illegal To Be Gay’ In Mississippi, Police Shut Down An LGBT March

The state of Mississippi and the South in general isn’t exactly waving rainbow flags or collecting Ellen memorabilia as it isn’t famed for its gay-friendliness. However, the socially backwards Republican bastion of crazy religious fundamentalism and illiteracy is presently the focus of virulently anti-gay resistance as a LGBT march in the state was abruptly shut down, with Police reportedly telling LGBT Mississippians that it’s “illegal to be openly gay in the state.”

Here’s the Press Release regarding the sudden shutdown of the March, from GetEQUAL.org:

Media Contact: Zach Magee, GetEQUAL Mississippi Lead Organizer, zach_m12@yahoo.com

Police Tell LGBT Mississippians It’s Illegal to Be Openly Gay in the State

Permit for Rally Denied at Last Minute, Citing “Safety Concerns”

JACKSON, MS — Gay Mississippians tried to rally in Jackson this morning to draw attention to the need for equality under the law for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) residents of the state, but were turned away by the police. Despite having applied for a permit for a march in the city to highlight LGBT discrimination, organizers were informed shortly before the event that their permit had been denied and they had no right to rally in the city.


Wareham Selectmen host sewer tie-in primer

Wareham Selectmen host sewer tie-in primer

Selectmen hosted a sewer tie-in primer before a packed Town Hall auditorium Tuesday.

The betterment fee seemed to be uppermost on the minds of residents in attendance. It requires users to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 to tie in to the sewer system depending on their section of town.

Even if residents choose to continue using their septic systems they still have to pay the betterment fee. Many residents were unhappy about this, pointing out that septic systems can last more than 25 years, and that it doesn’t make sense to abandon a working system.

The betterment fee averages out to $15,000 over 20 years, paid by the property owner, or about $750 per year, per residence. This was determined by dividing the betterment by the amount of homes in the area. The areas affected include Mayflower Ridge, Oakdale, Cromesett, Rose Point, Parkwood, Weweantic Shores, and Agawam Beach.


Wareham, Mass. High School uses Slater Mills as a powerful teaching tool

Wareham High School uses Slater Mills as a powerful teaching tool


While teaching her students about the First Industrial Revolution, Ms. Healey commented on how interesting the Lowell and Slater Mills tours were. When a student suggested a field trip to one of them, she brought the idea to the school administration. Agreeing, the administration used a local grant to allow for three U.S. I History classes to visit Slater Mills on Tuesday, February 28. The other teachers involved were Mr. St. Julien and Ms. Dineen.

Slater Mills was chosen because of its significance in history. Samuel Slater immigrated to the United States with the new industrial knowledge. By 1792, he built the first successful US cotton spinning mill. Today this mill is located in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Students got hands-on experience the birthplace of American Industrial Revolution as well as the condition of many workers during the 1800s.

Forty three students attended this trip and all had positive encounter with this National Historical Landmark. They broke into three groups with three enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides. Sophomore Raekwon Phillips will always remember “Mistress Patty” in her historical attire.


Many students were amazed about child labor conditions. Kendra Wright cannot believe how much things have changed. Children as young as 6 years old were encourage to work because of their size and low wages. They were expendable and were required to do dangerous tasks. Shanice Dixon was surprised that there was a 10 year old foreman. She described it as “Horrible. I am so glad that children do not have to work.”


See also:

Another Wise Republican Suggests a Return to Child Labor

In Monday's Republican Presidential debate, Newt Gingrich doubled down on his fabulous idea that the best way to wean families off of government assistance is to let poor kids work as janitors. At a recent town hall meeting, a Republican Senator suggested that letting kids handle pesticides and operate farm equipment just might be the key to solving the country's obesity epidemic. What's with this mini-trend of Republican politicians publicly pushing for kids to get jobs?


GOP Senator: We Need ‘Child Labor’ To Fight Obesity Epidemic

GOP Debate Audience Cheers Child Labor

Davy Jones Dead: Singer Of The Monkees Dies At 66

The Monkees singer Davy Jones has passed away at the age of 66, TMZ reports.

The singer is survived by his wife Jessica and four daughters from previous marriages. TMZ confirmed Jones' death with an official from the medical examiner's office for Martin County, Florida.

The Monkees were started in 1966, and their "I'm a Believer," was the top charting song of 1967. Their career spanned many accolades, including two Emmy awards and a number of Billboard hit singles and albums.

This is a developing story, please return for more updates..


Very sad to report the news that Davy Jones has passed away - we will pass along more information as it comes in.

Monkees - Daydream Believer

Gas Prices

Also, according to The Heritage Foundation, George W. Bush was only president from Jan 2001 to Feb 2003.

I guess nothing interesting happened to gas prices between Feb 2003 and Jan 2009?"

Here is a better chart...



Gasoline price spike has only just begun
Motorists should expect to pay upwards of $3.75 a gallon in the coming weeks as prices at the pump catch up with record crude, but relief may arrive by summer.

Average gas prices—July 7, 2008

Police Open Criminal Probe into ‘Punk Prayer’ at Christ the Savior Cathedral

Police Open Criminal Probe into ‘Punk Prayer’ at Christ the Savior Cathedral

Police have opened a criminal probe into the performance of a protest song by notorious female group Pussy Riot at the altar of Moscow’s largest cathedral, the police said on its website on Sunday.

“A criminal case has been opened against the girls who shouted insults at believers and churchmen at the Christ the Savior Cathedral,” the website said.

On Tuesday, four members of Pussy Riot, clad in bright balaclavas, performed an acapella version of what they said was a “punk prayer” entitled “Holy Sh*t.” The lyrics included lines such as “Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin, chase Putin out!”


Pussy Riot first hit the headlines in January, when they raced through a musical diatribe against Putin on a snowy Red Square, calling for “Revolt in Russia!” and chanting “Putin’s got scared” before being detained by police.


Hat-tip to: https://twitter.com/#!/Irenie_M/status/173751850116452353

Pussy Riot:

Группа Pussy Riot жжет путинский гламур

Pussy Riot на Красной площади с песней ПУТИН ЗАССАЛ
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