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Ian David

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Member since: Wed Nov 24, 2004, 10:28 AM
Number of posts: 69,059

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Islamic Jihad’s Kindergarten Graduation: Where’s the Cake and Cookies?

Islamic Jihad’s Kindergarten Graduation: Where’s the Cake and Cookies?

Take a look how Gazan kindergartners celebrated their graduation ceremony in an Islamic Jihad fashion.
“At every graduation ceremony, it is our obligation to educate the children to love the resistance, Palestine and Jerusalem, so they will recognize the importance of Palestine and who its enemy is,” stated the kindergarten’s director.

As part of the graduation, Palestinian kids dressed up as Israeli prison guards and played the exaggerated role of torturing Islamic Jihad’s military wing’s (Al Quds Brigades) prisoners.

The kids who participated in the ceremony expressed their feelings after the event:


First they came for the smokers. Then they came for the public masturbators...

... and when they came for the outdoor shitters, there was nobody left to speak-up!

tag added, because some people aren't it-getters.

I wanted to get a guided tour before it was shut down.

See also:

For live Webcam images of HAARP, visit:

To arrange a guided tour:


Michele Bachmann should have done Rolling Stone instead of Newsweek.

Mitt Romney Campaign T-shirts: You’ll Never Guess Where They Ended Up

What do you do with T-shirts from a failed presidential campaign? Did you ever wonder where they go? Well, in the case of the ill-fated 2012 Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ticket, the best place to donate your unwanted and unneeded Mitt Romney campaign t-shirts is to the ancestral country of your rival. In this case, Kenya, the birthplace of President Barack Obama’s father. The Knox County Romney Campaign of Tennessee has shipped their unwanted and unneeded (yeah I wanted to say that twice) Mitt Romney campaign T-shirts to the Orbit Village Project in Nairobi, Kenya.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Alexander Waters, campaign director for the Knox County Romney Campaign, explained that his organization chose the Orbit Village Project because his mother, Cyndy Waters, runs the project and its American base is in Sevierville, Tenn.

“I mentioned to her that we had a lot of [Mitt Romney campaign] shirts and that we were wondering if they had a need for them and she said, ‘Yes, that would be great.’ So instead of putting them into a storage unit or something we were like, ‘We can generate some good out of these shirts,’” Waters said. “I’ve been over there and a shirt can go a long way,” he added.


The sight of 50 Kenyan kids wearing Romney-Ryan T-shirts is the best closure to 2012 campaign EVER. http://t.co/Q8Qu0EihXN


The Step (Take a Step to the Left)

He sure talked a good game before the cops showed-up, didn't he?

Weren't his guns supposed to stop the government from doing what they just did?

What ever happened to, "From my cold, dead hands?"

I guess he meant for someone ELSE to die in a showdown with the cops.

"Look, all I did was sing 'Amazing Grace' to the tune of Gilligan's Island..."

…and then they came for the trans* people.

Written by Mhairi McAlpine in Europe, Gender, Greece,

Operation Zeus in August last year marked the start of an ugly reminder of a European past that we thought we had long buried. Nearly 60 years after the end of the Second European War, migrants were round up from the streets of Greece and shoved unceremoniously into internment camps. In May, women working in the sex industry were pulled from the streets, forcibly tested for HIV, publicly humiliated and imprisoned. In March, they rounded up drug users from the streets of Athens and put them too into camps. Last month in Thessaloniki they came for trans gender people.

On the 30th of May, the Greek authorities stepped up their cleansing of the streets of the undesirables. The daily checks of papers, papers, papers whenever someone non-white encounters a police officer sees numerous migrants hauled to police stations, and many imprisoned in one of the hellholes that pass for the detention camps of Greece. In April alone 10, 000 people were stopped in these checks, and there are currently 5, 000 languishing in the official camps with an unknown number in temporary facilities such as police cells and shipping containers. Last month Dendias announced a doubling of the capacity of these camps, although with no commitment to closing the alternative facilities.

Greek citizens, drugs users, homeless people and women working in the sex industry, have also been targeted under these sweeps where they are hauled to police stations, forcibly tested for HIV and in some cases imprisoned among with the migrants in the internment camps. As the graffiti is cleaned off the shop facades in anticipation of the summer tourist influx, the streets are being cleansed of undesirables.

On the 30th of May, a new group of undesirables was identified. Trans gender people. For the last week, daily raids have been taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. Under the pretense that of checking that the person is not involved in the sex industry trans people are being rounding up and arrested. Their details are taken and they are detained for several hours. On release they are warned that if they did not “return to normal” they would be arrested for public indecency.

This is not the first time that trans people have been targeted in Greece, in August last year, 25 trans women were arrested and force to undergo HIV testing and charged with prostitution offenses, in April, finally, the last of this group was acquitted. This is however a new and sustained campaign against trans people, some of whom were stopped driving their cars and accused of sexual impropriety.


Tell EU Member States: Save Greek "undesirables" from internment camps!

See also:

Transgender persons in Thessaloniki become victims of police violence
04 June 2013 / 21:06:52

She wasn't fired for using the n-word 20 years ago.

She was fired for being an unrepentant, present-day racist who says and does racist things and harasses her subordinates.

Paula Deen's racism goes far deeper than using the N word...
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