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Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 02:55 PM
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My Brother's Memorial Day

46 years ago today, in the early morning hours, B co. 1st 506th 101st Airborne Division was attacked in it's night lager position near Firebase Ripcord, Thua Thien, South Vietnam. The main thrust of the attack was focused on the sector of the perimeter protected by the 2nd platoon, which was overrun. When the attack ended 4 men were dead-23 year old SSgt Vic Cambas of New Orleans, 20 year old SSgt Halqua Cliburn married and out of Tennessee, 20 year old Cpl John Angel Garza from California, and 19 year old Cpl Rodney Lee Koerner of Le Mars Iowa. There were at least 9 other WIA from the platoon including 41 year old SFC Grady Norris who would die of wounds the next day. 2nd platoon was declared combat ineffective and the survivors sent to other units until B co. could reorganize. Say a prayer for the young men who died that day and maybe one for my brother Brian, who was there.

Why Bernie can't drop out? Because he is being deceived. Repeatedly.

I won't list a litany of cases from the missing Colorado delegate to the "My fingers were crossed" promised California debate to this weeks surprise Clinton Coronation BEFORE the primaries by a "news outfit". But at midnight, a day after announcing Sanders had been beaten in California we are told that nearly half (three million) votes have not yet been tabulated and may not be for two more weeks!

This is usually the part in a hard fought campaign when an "honest broker" works to reconcile the candidates and their supporters. Well in this case the head of the DNC is out. Sander's cannot trust his opponent-she has a history of reneging on promises. Obama is the only possibility and now if he calls for Sanders to drop out before the convention he to may be viewed as tainted.

So no-I'm not ready to make nice. Clinton and the DNC and the media has earned my distrust. They'll just have to live with that.

It's a lie

the DNC SAID SDs don't count until they are voted and AP should be banned from this site for lying deliberately.
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