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Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 02:55 PM
Number of posts: 8,976

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NINA-no Irish need apply

How can I, as an man of Irish descent, negate both the overt and covert bigotry directed towards those perceived as "less than white" when in fact just 150 years ago my people were so perceived? As a minority Catholic who has seen discrimination, no matter how mild, how could I ever belittle the slights perceived by another minority group? I cannot...

My life has been so relatively easy and their's so hard it defies comprehension. I am assimilated and accepted. I post this here because as a white guy to post this in any protected group would be presumptive. White privilege exists as does male privilege and I accept i have gained by both.

To those of another race or gender please accept this-I may be mistaken at times, but I am never malicious. I read and try to absorb what I see in your separate forums. I am old but the future I want is better. Please know *I read all that you say.

Deregulation, Lease Truckers, and Uber

It's all the same deal just downsized from 18 wheels to 4. When trucking was deregulated thousands of people bought or leased road horses and made big money for 2 or 3 years...then deferred maintenance caught up to them and they went bankrupt.Back in reality world responsible people running fleets were running programs that changed oil and filters real quick and expensive stuff like injectors, pumps, and turbos by mileage and never waited for them to fail. The numbers showed we won and made a profit. The bankrupt "independent" truckers were caught time and again by equipment failure which was catastrophic. This is going to happen and soon to Uber drivers when their equipment grows old.

This is what happens when you deregulate-it is a republican dream and gives a short term decrease in price. But long term who wants to ride in a junky Subaru? In time, and if you make it cheap enough it will fail. And half of our politicians like it that way...

There was an earlier post titled "Hillary Clinton Called People on Welfare "Deadbeats"

And a response was posted reading "Was this post intended on bashing or smearing Hillary Clinton? I have seen posts saying this is not
happening, maybe I misread this one. Bookmarking for future reference".

The actual quote was actually more damning-“Now that we’ve said these people are no longer deadbeats—they’re actually out there being productive—how do we keep them there?”

Read that again-"Now that we've said"? Imagine just for one moment how you would feel if you were Rhonda Costa and that was how the wife of the President of the United States described you-"no longer a deadbeat"...

On what twisted, bizarre, foreign planet does an exact quote given to the press from the wife of the president after six years of experience with the national press corp become a smear rather than something we call "her record"?

On prisoners and hostages in foreign lands...

...not to be unsympathetic but a large majority of these people put themselves in harms way. From the PTSD ex-marine who crossed the Mexican border with illegal weapons, to Christians passing out bibles in China, and onto "tourists" wandering into hostile lands for suspicious/clandestine/idiotic purposes.

Now every time we seek to free one of these people it seems to involve the valuable time of US senators and representatives or highly placed State Dept. employees and often the use of US Air Force transports and sometimes even the irreplaceable time of our sitting President. Often the politicians on the right wing even advocate war as a response and damn the cost-an American is being held...

My question is this-why is it we can't raise SS benefits to save millions of Americans who have done nothing wrong but we can spend millions or even start a war to save a handful of Americans who put themselves at risk?

You know who Bernie Sanders could use as VP-Joe Biden

I think this might be doable-convince Joe that Hillary is both too centrist and carries too much baggage. Tell him that he can be the Savior of the Democratic party. That he and Bernie can together set the new democratic agenda. He has the experience and the "Amtrak Joe" and the kids background. He is both beloved and a sympathetic character.

Let's look at this scenario-Joe jumps to Bernie bringing his supporters. That get's Sanders/Biden over the 30% mark. Elizabeth Warren, smelling the blood of centrists in the water, immediately endorses the new ticket. Obama can no more disrespect his friend and Vice President withholds his endorsement but his wife openly endorses Biden and house and senate D's scent a new era coming and hop on the bandwagon.

The media smell something else-blood in the water and an easy narrative-Hillary fades again...

By October it's pretty much all over. The guy with the 40 year old, FDR style new plan and our beloved senior VP own the democratic party. The republicans say fuck it and let Jeb run. Most Americans live happily ever after.

This isn't truly about the primaries...

But the last time I looked at camp color wars (Clinton vs Sanders) on Act Blue pages for DU Clinton donations were 6 people for $85. While we pretend a parity of input over 200 people and $6000 for Bernie are merely equal in the GD-P wars. I love this site and it's founders and as avowed Clinton supporters they try to show balance. But I wonder what the result would be if all star members were to be allowed to vote fror a DU endorsement???

I see some people posting hit pieces on Bernie in a protected group...

So what I want to ask here was when Hillary came under fire in Bosnia was she on the helicopter before or the one after Brian Williams???
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