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Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 02:55 PM
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"You Bernie supporters are always attacking Hillary!"

I can explain that. 6 months ago when Sanders entered the race his supporters could go right down the line and list a long rosters of positions that Bernie supported and Hillary either ignored or opposed. Now 6 months later Clinton insists that she REALLY IS Bernie Sanders but that she is a female (play the gender card) more experienced (play the co-president card) and that even though she is an opponent of Citizens United her campaign chest is much bigger than Sanders (play the inevitable card).

So what are Sanders supporters left with-two facts-Hillary Flip-flops and Hillary Lies. Neither is a pleasant fact but both are easily provable facts. And so long as Clinton claims to be Bernie her flawed character is what is left to debate.

I read in another thread

that DWS was responsible for freezing Lessig out of the debates.


And this question occurred to me: We know Sanders has vowed not to attack another candidate. I wonder if Lessig might not be as benevolent. Anybody here know what this guy is like in a debate? Is Lessig the one they really fear to debate?

On media bias on the debate coverage

As a Sanders supporter I was of course disappointed with much of the media coverage. To me, Sanders was a cut above the rest on both his vision for the country and by a mile the most open and honest. That said Clinton did not have a bad night and I could even see a divided decision on who won. But the near universal meme that Clinton won big is an obvious put up job and at first it angered me.

I've given this some thought-the media and pundits have just surrendered the long game to cheat on a putt. Firstly, any honest person who watched the debate will notice that it was at very least a close match if not a Clinton loss...and so continues the erosion of trust in the talking heads. But it gets better-the word is that Hillary CRUSHED Bernie and that is the new standard she will be fully expected to meet for 5 more full debates. And each and every time she doesn't millions of new first time debate watchers will be amazed as Bernie "miraculously" manages to hold his own with the juggernaut the networks built.

Further because we have seen the reaction of debate watchers I believe Sanders is just at the point of a new explosion of grass roots support and has already received over $2 million in donations.

So there's your takeaway, because of last night, every step of the way until we have a nominee Hillary has got to be seen as at least as good as she was said to have been last night. And all Bernie has to do is what he has done all along.

One of the two is going to disappoint a lot of folks.

For the Record: Joe Biden didn't "leak" Jack Shit

He may have chosen to reveal private and deeply personal family information. That is his right. By definition a leak is :"A news leak is a disclosure of embargoed information in advance of its official release, or the unsanctioned release of confidential information." (Wiki)

So Politico can now officially bite me until it can prove Biden did not sanction what he himself said...
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