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Member since: Sat Nov 20, 2004, 02:55 PM
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Do you know what real Americans do when a socialist achieves power?

They re-elect them 11 times...Jasper McLevy Mayor of Bridgeport Ct 1933-1957

In the early 1930s, Bridgeport, an industrial city in southern Connecticut, was plagued by corruption and hard hit by the Great Depression. In 1931, voters had ousted the incumbent Republican mayor for Democrat Edward Buckingham and McLevy only lost by a couple thousand votes. By 1933, dissatisfaction had spread to both parties and McLevy trounced the competition, bringing along a Socialist majority on the Board of Aldermen, Bridgeport's city council. While people familiar with local politics had seen the writing on the wall in the 1931 results, the national media was astonished to find the Socialists in control in a New England city.[1][2][

Contrary to the fears of some,[who?] capital did not flee Bridgeport and McLevy began upon a reform agenda rather than a revolution.[citation needed] In a time of reduced revenue due to the Depression and, with city coffers depleted by corruption, McLevy managed to meet the City's obligations and balance the books, even reducing taxes. He withheld the lucrative contract for trash hauling, instituting municipal trash collection, saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars. He took over Pleasure Beach where concessionaires had been reneging on taxes and rent for years. He began the process of putting all city purchases out for competitive bidding. In one instance when asphalt suppliers all supplied identical bids, he threatened to create a municipal asphalt supplier and broke their cartel. He championed transparency, opening all board and commission meetings to the press and the public ("Operation Goldfish Bowl". He sold the expensive limousine his predecessor had used. He instituted a merit system in the police and fire departments. McLevy went on to be reelected eleven times

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I've seen a few threads about the San Bernadino terrorist's

lawyer and the question I have not seen asked is why dead people have a lawyer and why he is giving press conferences.

When a lawyer acts like this he is normally either protecting huge assets or chasing huge assets and I see neither here. There may be a mortgaged house involved or options on a TV movie. I just can't see a strategy for a windfall that allows a contingency award that pays him off.

Can anyone tell me what his goal is?
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