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Gender: Female
Hometown: Southeastern Wisconsin
Home country: USA
Current location: Waukesha County/Greater Milwaukee area
Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 07:59 PM
Number of posts: 15,370

About Me

A Democrat living in a Republican stronghold.

Journal Archives

Fosters at five weeks

Five weeks old tomorrow! New things this week: they've got litter box training down pat and use it like they've been doing so for years. They have a red cube to play in now, and I brought in the kitten tower (top level only 20" off the ground) for them to practice their climbing skills on. Eating wet food, drinking water and still nursing with Mama Greta.

"King on the Mountain"
playing "king on the mountain" by Ginny, on Flickr

The cube clubhouse
fullsizeoutput_9112 by Ginny, on Flickr

Little baby teeth need to chew! Soda straws work perfectly.
fullsizeoutput_9122 by Ginny, on Flickr

Kitten-sized climbing tower
fullsizeoutput_9125 by Ginny, on Flickr

Mama Greta likes to look out of the window
fullsizeoutput_911c by Ginny, on Flickr

Milo (lighter color than Max and more almond shaped eyes, shorter fur)
fullsizeoutput_911d by Ginny, on Flickr

Max (longer fur, rounder eyes and a unique chirp)
fullsizeoutput_9123 by Ginny, on Flickr

Alfie, the most people oriented one
fullsizeoutput_9126 by Ginny, on Flickr

Ellie, the only girl, a torbie also pretty social
fullsizeoutput_9116 by Ginny, on Flickr

Naptime: see ya next week!
DSC09082 by Ginny, on Flickr

Fosters are four weeks old tomorrow!

A lot has happened between weeks three and four:

Box was breached! On Easter Sunday, Alfie learned how to jump out of the box. That meant it was time to open up the front flap and allow access to the rest of the room:
fullsizeoutput_90b1 by Ginny, on Flickr

Ears are up!
fullsizeoutput_90b2 by Ginny, on Flickr

Getting a bit crowded in the box, anyway! They are wrestling and tumbling with each other and learning to climb.
fullsizeoutput_90b8 by Ginny, on Flickr

Time to explore! They are sniffing and tasting things. I started them on wet food lessons and two are pretty good at it. They are also learning to use the litter box--we have three successful pees that I saw. Mama cat will be happy not to have that chore anymore!
fullsizeoutput_90dc by Ginny, on Flickr

Mama Greta has been more social: she will now walk around the room when I'm there, instead of hiding under the bed or staying in the kitten box. This morning she even came up to me for a head scratch! Amazing. She's a good mom and calls the kittens to her to nurse. When there is "kitten drama" and one is mewing for some reason, she answers with that unique mama cat language, "purrrrrup?" to tell them that she is there.
fullsizeoutput_90de by Ginny, on Flickr

Kittens are three weeks old!

Here are highlights from their third week. Beginning to stand and get those bellies off the ground, although very wobbly. Beginning to sniff, scratch and lick their paws. Looking all around with new eyes. They can't climb out of the box yet (and their mama is glad for that) but they enjoy it when I pick them up and let them out for a while. Mama cat is getting more comfortable with me, and I can even lift her out of the box without a fight (she jumps right back in, though).They are interested in sniffing Mama's food, so that will be the next thing: in about a week they can try some. They are weighing in at about 12-13 oz.

Hi, Mama!
fullsizeoutput_90ae by Ginny, on Flickr

beginning to play
fullsizeoutput_90a4 by Ginny, on Flickr

looking at the big world
fullsizeoutput_90ab by Ginny, on Flickr

two ginger boys and one sister playing hide and seek
fullsizeoutput_9077 by Ginny, on Flickr

little bat ears are starting to stand up
fullsizeoutput_90ac by Ginny, on Flickr

Meet the kids!

My fosters have names now. They will turn two weeks old tomorrow.

fullsizeoutput_9068 by Ginny, on Flickr

fullsizeoutput_905f by Ginny, on Flickr

fullsizeoutput_9067 by Ginny, on Flickr

and Max:
fullsizeoutput_9066 by Ginny, on Flickr

Max is a little more red than Milo, and he has bigger and darker stripes on his tail. And he loves to complain!

Yup, two orange boys.

The dark tabby is also a boy, and the lighter tabby/torbie is exactly like Mama and a female.

I have an orange boy (3 y/o) of my own and I agree, they are the best! He met my sister-in-law today for the first tie and put on quite a big show, looking a her upside-down and being kitten-cute, really flirty and so friendly.

I know I have posted his pic in this forum before, but here he is again:

IMG_20170104_221043404 by Ginny, on Flickr

It's kitten season again!

My new fosters are a mama and her four newborn kittens. I got them at less than a day old. The mom is semi-feral, used to being fed by people outdoors. But she came inside to have her babies, and the shelter took over from there. Fostered out to me. They are eight days old today and their eyes are beginning to open. Mom's name is Greta; haven't named the kids yet. She is learning to trust me but still flinches when I reach out to pet her. If not with the kittens, she stays under the bed! She lets me handle the babies, and hopefully she will come around all the way before we are through.
She looks like a pretty young cat herself--maybe this is her first litter. She didn't seem all that familiar with kittens--how to lay down with them, etc.-- but has been a good mama.

One day old:
fullsizeoutput_8f7a by Ginny, on Flickr

Six days old:

fullsizeoutput_9041 by Ginny, on Flickr

Eight days old:

DSC08729 by Ginny, on Flickr

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a new photo of Sugar and Spice

Fosters come and go

The three I got in October went back last Wednesday and were promptly adopted over the weekend! Not many kittens available now, and these got to be Christmas kittens.

Bye-Bye Tess (left) and Tyler!

Bye-Bye Trisha (and Tess again)!

Hello, two little tabby females, as yet unnamed!
Just got them today. They are the same age as the ones who left, and are here to be socialized. As you can see, still hiding under the bed. But they did eat some wet food off a spoon from me and I could pet them.

Fosters going on nine weeks

Wow that first three weeks went fast! Colds are better overall, and these scamps are back to eating well and are full of fun! They are still little for their ages and need to gain about a half pound each to be ready to go back for adoption.

Here they are on Tuesday, two days ago, when Trisha's eye was still pretty bad. Antibiotics didn't help--she just has to fight off the virus. The shelter did give me some anti-inflammatory drops, which helps with swelling.

Here she is last night, and the eye is looking better:

Tessie also playing in the papers last night:

And finally little Tyler:

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