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Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 06:57 PM
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WCBM is an uber right-wing radio station out of Baltimore.

With about the same audience as Limpballs, who, if I am not mistaken also sends his bile out from this city and if possibele, is a station that is even more right-wing.

If you do any research on this station, the word Nazi comes up more than a few times.

What kind of survey results would you expect from that kind of listening audience on "the wonder of killing whoever you want and getting away with it".

These listeners are on par with the RW audience at the Pug debate who screamed let him die and booed the hero soldier because he was gay.

If this survey proves anything, it is that there is a dangerous bunch of sick puppies of all ages out there, some gathered around their ham radios in weapon infested basements in their weapon infested, pug parents house,cheering on the second coming of "Hister"*.

*ref to Nostradamus's Hister.

Thanx for the thread Sam.

I don't remember whether you covered this but Comcast owns a 10% stake in Current and is the only little known owner of Current other than the better known Gore and Hyatt.

My guess is, that would be third man on the totem and is very pertinent to this whole affair.
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