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Member since: Fri Nov 19, 2004, 01:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,345

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Stein recount. need audit not recount. Stein hates Hillary and dems

Jeff Gauvin Retweeted
OH, HAPPY DAY ‏@jeffreyjonsmith 9h9 hours ago
OH, HAPPY DAY Retweeted Jeff Gauvin
So, Stein is raising money for a recount? A recount won't do it, folks. It has to be an *audit. An audit will reveal meddling.OH, HAPPY DAY added,
Jeff Gauvin @JeffersonObama
She's fucking us over. https://twitter.com/Only4RM/status/801650209705132032
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DC-#NOTMyPresident ‏@dalseyd 9h9 hours ago
DC-#NOTMyPresident Retweeted Jeff Gauvin
What we need is a Democrat to step up and raise this kind of money to demand they #AuditTheVote not a recount. But we'll take both, thanksDC-#NOTMyPresident added,
Jeff Gauvin @JeffersonObama
I highly doubt Stein will spend a dime of that $3 Million for a recount to help Hillary. It will fund her run in 2020 or Kremlin.
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Good old Morning Joe...now we know


A call for help with the audit on twitter


I am happier somehow as this horrible election has set in

I even enjoyed Tweety tonight as he was hard on DJT

Trump yelled at all the media http://nypost.com/2016/11/21/donald-trumps-media-summit-was-a-f-ing-firing-squad/

probably you already have this



and lots of financial conflicts. Do you see him really giving up all his businesses? And not tweeting constantly about his last thin skinned outrage.

links to numbers to call for audit


fun and games kids.

possible hacking posted to twitter. everyone check this out

Here is what David Greenwald posted last week. I think it is important and want to find a way to encourage the serious look at this by the some who can seriously figure out if anything is there.

Welcome back all DUers. Strange DU was hacked. Or maybe not so strange.

David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
Good morning. I have been spending some time with the Wisconsin voting numbers. Let's talk about them for a second here. /1
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
University of Florida's Michael McDonald thinks a recount may tip the state when provisional ballots are finished https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157855450785389&id=614520388 … /2
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
The numbers themselves are weirder. Clinton's county wins are paper ballot-only. Only won 3 counties - 100k tops - w voting machines. /3
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
She lost both paper and voting machine counties that Obama won in 2012. However, the ballot county loses are close. 1-2%. /4
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
In the Obama counties with voting machines, she lost by a massive swing. 10-15%. /5
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
Now, before the election, there was some reporting about Russian hackers getting into voter databases http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/russians-hacked-two-u-s-voter-databases-say-officials-n639551 … /6
Russians hacked two U.S. voter databases, officials say
Officials are concerned that the Russians are attempting to interfere in the U.S. electi…
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
I am not a statistician. But the peculiarities in the #'s and the lack of reporting on serious threat of Russian interference deserve eyes
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
Thanks to @dangervillage for doing a lot of this research and pointing it out to me. Voting accuracy is an American issue, not a partisan 1.
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David GreenwaldDavid GreenwaldVerified account
@davidegreenwald · Nov 11
Are there officials we should be alerting to these numbers? Is anyone going to check them? The FBI? I'm just a concerned journalist here.
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Have you all seen Jon Stewart on Colbert last night?


Roar ad just ran during morning Joe. I love it.

and really good discussion of jobs and new age of robots and self driving cars and need to find a way to create employment. Steve Schmidt was wonderful as usual.

Baby Girlstein is up warm and wonderful


POTUS drop the mike

so good

POTUS....clear text

the best
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