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Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 05:01 PM
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Let's stop the black or white thinking about sexual abuse.

Some things can indeed be one or another: in my time zone it's evening, not morning.

Woody Allen may be a great director. That doesn't mean he can not possibly be a child molester. Nor does Dylan's brother's denial prove anything.

For at least six years, one of my brothers sexually molested our younger sister. This was in a small house with lots of people. I can't imagine how he got away with it. But he did. If you were to have asked any of us during those years, we've have denied the possibility. We know better now, though we have chosen to keep it from our mother.

Yes, a few people are wrongly accused: most of the time an accusation is true. It is extremely difficult for a child to go against the threats of his/her abuser to report abuse. It is extremely difficult for an adult to report prior abuse, for the same reason rapes are not reported. The victim is further victimized by the reactions.

The "truth" of Woody vs. Dylan will probably never be known, unless Woody confesses. So please stop attacking Dylan, as this only makes it harder for other victims, of any age, to come forward.
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