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It's not contraception, it's not about religion, it's women's health

I just called my two senators and representative - all male, to share the following facts:

My mother, a catholic, had 12 children. She was also, at times, on the pill for severe menstrual bleeding.

My older sister and I, and maybe others, were on the pill for a numberr of years to ease menopause symptoms and to help prevent osteoporosis.

One of my sisters had 3 ceasarean sections. She was told another pregnancy could kill her, due to massive scarring.

One niece's husband suffers from a serious genetic disorder. The pill prevents an abortion.

My daughter-in-law wants to space her children, for her health and her children's health.

Another niece has polycystic disorder, a hormonal problem.

I'm sure there are other reasons for taking the pill. These are just the ones I personally know of from my own family. I'm sure there are plenty of other medical reasons for taking the pill.

So, if you hear someone spouting off about this being a religious issue, they are flat out wrong. What about women employed by a church who have one of these medical conditions? These bishops are more interested in their control over women than the health of their members.
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