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Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 12:43 AM
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It would seem to me they could quickly eliminate 99% of the documents from inspection.

This "Special Master" would only look for any documents that would possibly be first belong only to Trump.

Nearly ALL of what is in these boxes belong to the US Government through the National Archives. This is a 40 plus year old law through the Presidential Records Act. He took what did not belong to him.
So they should be a quick NOPE for any Personal privileged for Trump

ANY Classified documents.
ANY Official White House Documents.
ANY Other official Government documents and communications.

So we are down to: any truly personal individual document that were mixed in with what was above such as his passports or other personal documents.
The if there is any communication with a personal lawyer (and not office of the president lawyers) those should be gone through because even those should be evaluated by someone for a "crime fraud exception".

If the judge had limited her order for a special master to only the second group and released the items obviously belong to the national archives then any "special master" would not have to have "Uber Secret clearances" to even look at the cover sheet.

Trump had as much right to keep stuff from the Whitehouse as he does to take the towels and TV from a hotel room he stayed in. He STOLE these things.
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