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A standard .223 AR-15 round will go through a quarter in steel plate like it was butter.

A friend of mine in the woods has a private shooting range, and uses hanging steel plate targets. Originally used for 9mm pistols he had a sheet of one quarter inch thick steel plate to use as a target. Setup was safe as any hits just deflected down into the ground. Would just paint the surface with a rattle can between uses. The 9mm would leave a small mark on the surface of the steel but that was it.

Then someone brought their AR-15 to try out. The first test shot went through the steel plate like pushing a pencil through a stick of butter. It left a perfectly round hole completely through the steel plate. Well no more using the quarter inch steel for a .223 target.

They did get some special AR500 hardened steel half in thick targets specifically for rifle rounds. The .223 rounds make pock marks in them but do not go through them.

My point is that police know this. Most vests that an officer would wear would stop nearly any handgun round. But a .223 round (or most rifle rounds) would go right through their vest. The military and special ops police use a "plate carrier" vest that have special ceramic or other much heavier armor plates inserted in them that can stop a rifle round. (you can buy them on line for a few hundred bucks.)

There really is no "cover" from a rifle round in most buildings. They would shoot through most walls and doors unless they were made of brick or concrete. Most handguns police use have about 15 round magazines. Common AR magazines are twice that. Just pointing out what the police would be up against when "assaulting" an entrenched subject.

Although pistols are easier to conceal, I have no idea why you have to be 21 to purchase a pistol, but only 18 to buy an AR-15 type rifle.

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