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Member since: Tue Nov 16, 2004, 01:43 AM
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Go after the Bus Transportation companies for dumping people in freezing temps.

The Bus Transportation companies that are transporting and the just dumping their passengers without any sort of pre-arranged shelter have put their lives in danger.

Every one of these bus drivers that agree to do this should be at a minimum investigated if no straight up arrested for endangering their passengers and possible human trafficking. They all have to have federal and state licenses which could be suspended or revoked.

The Transportation company that owns the buses likewise have to have Federal and State licenses to operate. Again just suspend, investigate and prosecute them for any of these infractions. Impound the buses or just red flag them out of operation until the investigation is complete as evidence.

Also contact the insurance companies of these transportation corps involved in this and make sure they know the they may be having more liability than taking a club on a vacation trip.

I think that any individual or especially the legal support groups could file reports of possible violations with these federal and state agencies.

Governors and state workers may have "qualified immunity" for pulling this crap. But, not the private companies that have agreed to be involved in illegal activity. If the bus companies know they may be put out of business, then it may put a stop to this dangerous showboating.
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