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The Republican recession and the Democratic recovery (updated again)

Republican politicians continue to push policies which have clearly failed. Trickle down is popular with the voters, because it promises them free money, but it does not deliver the prosperity.

The American economy is still climbing out of a very deep recession. One which began under the Presidency of George W. Bush.

Here are job gains, or losses, for recent history, by quarter-year.

First, the severe Republican recession

1st (151,000)
2nd (568,000)
3rd (921,000)
4th (1,936,000) !!

total (3,576,000) while Bush was still President

1st (2,330,000) !!
2nd (1,510,000)

total (3,840,000) Obama's first five months in office, clearly too soon to be blamed on any of his policies, although the stimulus was passed in February (and Republicans are STILL running ads claiming that it did NOT work)

3rd (770,000)
4th (487,000)

total (1,257,000)

I still call that a success, for the economy to NOT be losing over 1 million jobs per quarter. The free fall was stopped, although the economy kept falling in the second half of the year, it was at a slowing pace.

Then the recovery started, while the media constantly complained "we are not recovering fast enough".

1st +124,000
2nd +695,000
3rd (160,000)
4th +449,000

total +1,108,000

1st +450,000
2nd +641,000
3rd +449,000
4th +543,000

total +2,083,000

1st +829,000
2nd +294,000
3rd +471,000
4th +642,000

total +2,236,000

1st +618,000
2nd + 400,000
3rd +515,000
4th +595,000

total +2,128,000

1st +569,000
2nd +800,000
3rd +671,000 (mostly provisional)

total (so far, and provisional) +2.04 million

The private sector, since December 2007 has gained a net of 620,000 jobs. The total economy has only gained 113,000. Meaning there has been a loss of 507,000 government jobs. (Since I wrote that, Government has now started adding jobs too + 55,000 in the last two quarters.)

Without those cuts, we'd have a gain of over 1 million jobs. After the loss of 7.4 million that happened at the end of Bush's term. Since 2010, the economy is PLUS 9.58 million jobs.

I probably should include a link

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