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Does it seem like the M$M is opposing Obama?

examples from the Daily Howler http://dailyhowler.blogspot.com/

"CNN’s pitiful fact-check: Last night, after Bill Clinton’s strong address, a terrible horrible bad thing occurred.

CNN asked Tom Foreman and Erin Burnett to conduct a fact-check."

And this is how they check facts.

Foreman: "Like President Obama, President Clinton came into office with soaring joblessness, 7.1 percent for Mr. Clinton. That's within just a few points—tenths of a point of what Mr. Obama faced."

That is just completely bogus. He then goes on the say that things got better under Clinton and they did not get better under Obama.

Well, here is MY fact check of Foreman.

Job gains (or losses) in 1993 - the year Clinton took office.

Jan. - +307,000
Feb. - +237,000
Mar - (46,000)
Apr - +307,000
May - +273,000
June - +164,000
6 month total - +1,242,000

Foreman - "President Clinton came into office with soaring joblessness."

I grade that statement - complete Grade A bullsh*t. 100% WRONG

Compare that to the first six months of 2009, when Obama took office, the economy lost 3,691,000 jobs. http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002908833

Foreman also says this "Clinton inherited a $290 billion deficit, changed it to a $236 billion surplus by the time the Clinton years were done. Mr. Obama has inherited a $459 billion deficit. Yes, that's worse. But it's even worse now, $1.3 trillion."

Except the facts say that Obama actually inherited a $1.2 trillion deficit. Thanks to the Howler for continuing to point this out, because most people are probably not aware of it as the media continues to push the lie of $459 billion.

"Duh. This report appeared in the Washington Post two weeks before Obama took office. The reporter was Lori Montgomery:

MONTGOMERY (1/8/09): The nation's budget deficit will soar to an unprecedented $1.2 trillion this year, congressional budget analysts said yesterday, a startling tide of red ink that could dampen enthusiasm on Capitol Hill for some of President-elect Barack Obama's most ambitious priorities."

Foreman: "Mr. Obama has inherited a $459 billion deficit."

I grade that - 100% WRONG.

I find it troubling that Clinton gives a speech and the media immediately pushes back with a Republican, anti-Obama narrative. In the name of fact checking.

Fact checking that apparently gets its "facts" from an error factory.

As Somerby says "Fact-checking sounds like a good idea—until you see journalists do it."
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