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Member since: Mon Nov 15, 2004, 04:30 AM
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You can't? Seriously?

Go back to the very beggining.

First, these people (ALEC) are not stupid. They are not insane. They also do not give a rat's a$$ about any social issue. They don't care about birth control. They don't care about gay marriage, or gay abortion, or gay military service. They don't care about prayer in the schools. They care about one thing. And only one thing. Okay, maybe not only one. Really billions of things, that are all the same thing - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Dollar frigging bills.

See, they might yell about, say, the Death Penalty. But they only do so, because they are like the pick pockets who can make more money when their victims are all concentrating on the spectacle of an execution.

The death penalty is not a real concern though. It is just a squirrel that is supposed to distract us dogs.

The robber baron Jay Gould famously boasted that he could "hire half of the working class to kill the other half."

Not that "the 99" was ever really united. But issues like birth control and abortion are there to keep us divided. Suddenly we are not talking about, or thinking about economic issues. Nope, it is now all birth control and all Limbaugh all the time.

Here's the thing. Both major parties really SHOULD represent the 99%, or even the 80%. That is clearly a vast majority. And yet neither party does. Why not? Because of all the discussion about abortion. There's a pro-abortion party that doesn't represent the working class and an anti-abortion party that doesn't represent the working class.

Yet, books are written asking "gee, why doesn't the working class vote for us"? Maybe because it is pretty obvious that we are not the party of the working class. We put abortion and birth control and minorities and a million other issues ahead of the working class, which is expected to sit at the back of the bus and be insulted. "Vote for us, ya racist, sexist, homophobic morons, we care about you!"

But that is the obvious reason - to put working class issues behind the issue of birth control. Now the parties can be different on the issue of birth control. That keeps both of them from having to represent the bottom 80%. Because here is what the bottom 80% should be demanding. First, we - SQUIRREL!!!
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