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Peace Patriot

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Member since: Sat Nov 13, 2004, 12:56 AM
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1% is an interesting number...

It was ikonized by the Occupy movement, meaning the 1% of multi-billionaires who run things here and everywhere else where they can get U.S. boots on the ground in their interest. Then there are the rest of us--the 99%--who get to have "austerity."

But I was thinking that 1% is also how much "we the people" are permitted know about what is really happening within "our" government.

And, boy, is Benghazi a good example of it.

This bullshit about whether Benghazi was a riot or a terrorist plot is a sort of macabre dance that is played before the cameras, and I don't think it represents even 1% of what that incident was about.

For instance, for John McCain to complain about an administration LYING to the public, after what the Bush Junta did to us--those non-existent WMDs and all--is excruciatingly FUNNY, in a very dark sort of way.

In any case, since when are secretaries of state expected NOT to lie? Lying is pretty much their job description. Lying for the "military-industrial complex." Lying for the 1% behind the "military-industrial complex."

Lies, distortions, disinformation. That's what secretaries of state DO.

So part of the dance macabre here is that this matters to John McCain AT ALL. It doesn't. He does not in the least care about a secretary of state lying to "the American people."

What, then, is really going on? That's the 99% that "we the people" are forced to guess at--cuz "our" government is so out of our control that nobody bothers about us any more except to keep us ignorant, confused and supine.

Then their corporate news propagandists ridicule us for inventing "conspiracy theories."

Ah, me. Well, here's mine. First of all, a caveat. I understand that, on the surface, this is a political fight--newly re-elected president, Obama, vs. the rat bastards who lost. And I do understand partisan feeling about this among Democrats. I am a Democrat. I voted for Obama. But that doesn't mean that I have to believe how the Obama White House portrays everything--for instance, in the matter of the Rice nomination.

Also, it's very clear to me that it DOESN'T MATTER that Susan Rice portrayed the Benghazi incident as a riot and didn't reveal intelligence that it was a terrorist plot. The incident was a national security crisis and to expect the U.S. government to be 100% truthful in a national security crisis is ridiculous.

Conspiracy theory: There was a plot involving General Petraeus and Puke candidate Mitt Romney to pull an "October Surprise" on Obama, using intelligence that Betray-Us cadged from the CIA. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the Benghazi incident was LIHOP ("let it happen"--i.e., Betray-Us knew of the plot to attack the embassy and didn't stop it)--not yet anyway (too many unknowns)--but he most certainly knew that the CIA was detaining and torturing Libyans nearby (cuz that's what his girlfriend leaked) and that a plan to rescue those people would occur. He may have known plan and date and couldn't stop it. Or maybe there was a CIA/Petraeus operative within the targeted group who misdirected the group to the embassy and away from the CIA building. There is a lot of room for both treachery and opportunism in my theory. Maybe it was merely opportunism.

Here was the "out" faction within the "military-industrial complex" who want more wars--the over-the-top fascists--with whom Betray-Us had aligned himself for future gain. He tips Romney to the coming "Surprise." Romney gets his "talking points" ready--and the moment that the attack in Benghazi occurs, he's ON it--portraying Obama as incompetent on national security. It struck me as treason, at the time--what Romney did. He himself put U.S. government personnel at risk all over the world, by politicizing a national security crisis right in the middle of the crisis.

A further twist in this theory may be Karl Rove. They not only had a contrived national security issue, they had tech operatives fiddling with the 'TRADE SECRET' code voting machines in Ohio? Rove flipped out on Faux News when Ohio didn't go to Romney. Was that flip-out genuine, in the sense that Rove thought he had it rigged and his plan failed? (And, if it failed, was it really Anonymous who made it fail?) (And who is Anonymous? An interesting question.)

So, what's Obama--and, importantly, Leon Panetta--going to do about this attempted coup d'etat? For damn sure, they're not going to tell the American people. (It's a subtheory of mine that THIS is why Obama couldn't look at Romney in the first debate--kept looking down, for which Obama was criticized. He couldn't believe what this rat bastard was involved in?) Panetta (sidebar: he is a close bud of Bush Sr.--member of Bush Sr.'s "Iraq Study Group" that, in my opinion, took down Rumsfeld--and of course was sent to head the CIA for a year, to heal the wounds from the war between the Pentagon and the CIA that Cheney/Rumsfeld had started--now heading the Pentagon and considered the most powerful man in the world, by some)...Panetta takes down Petraeus over his girlfriend (and his weird friends in Florida, for "color". Swift justice.*

And "somebody" foils Rove's tech team.

NOW what can John McCain say? They've gotta back down cuz Panetta and his protege Obama have the goods on them.

Obama wants Rice for secretary of state because, among other things, she DOESN'T reveal sensitive intelligence in the midst of a national security crisis! (Jeez.) McCain, furious about the failure of the two-pronged internal U.S. plot outlined above (Benghazi, Rove), can only jump up and down, like Rumpelstiltskin, and tear himself in two, over Rice NOT revealing sensitive information ('terrorist plot') that McCain and his rat bastard allies had intended to use to take down Obama!

Too bad that McCain and Rice are going to meet in secret. I'd sure like to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. Too bad we're never told 99% of what happens--that we have to pay for, and that we have to suffer "austerity" for. We the People.

Ain't that a classy "conspiracy theory"? Being a no-account, tax-paying, hard-working mere U.S. citizen, excluded from 99% of what is going on in my name with my money, has its fun side.


*(Note: The story about the FBI agent "stumbling upon" the CIA Director's mistress is hilarious.)

Posted by Peace Patriot | Tue Nov 27, 2012, 10:04 AM (1 replies)
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