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Raine1967's Journal
Raine1967's Journal
November 22, 2014

Holiday ideas: Let's buy this for the lounge!


The Pedal Pub™.
This is the vehicle that accommodates up to 17 people who pedal, serve, drive, and imbibe as it travels. Invented in the Netherlands as a way to promote a local tavern, its high-grade steel chassis provides a reliable, safe, and open deck ideal for socializing. With five pedal seats per side, 10 pedalers propel the vehicle up to 5 mph on flat surfaces with grades up to 6%. A bench in the rear and two additional seats provide seating for five passengers. The final spots are taken up by a driver who sits in front at the wheel and a bartender who serves revelers while standing on a low interior deck that runs the length of the vehicle. An empty wine barrel accommodates a keg of your preferred brew; it connects to a tap and overflow tray at the bar (linkage required), which has cup holders to secure beverages. The included sound system places four speakers in the bar's overhead storage racks beneath its wooden roof, allowing you to play music from an integrated AM/FM radio that supports MP3 connectivity (required). Supports pedalers up to 300 lbs. each. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. 20' L x 8' W x 10' H. (2,300 lbs.)

At only 40 grand, it's a steal!
November 15, 2014

Minor communication thing:

I was looking to see who was on the future hosts list. I clicked on the about this group link

Should this be updated? I am basing my question on this announcement post.


Group Hosts are assigned either by the DU Administrators, or by other Hosts of that group. Group Hosts have the following abilities: 1) They can lock threads which they believe violate the group's stated purpose; 2) they can pin threads to the top of the group; 3) they may completely block out members whom they believe are not adhering to the group's purpose; 4) they may add other members as group Hosts; and 5) they may remove any Host that became a Host after they did (and who is listed below their name on the list below).

Currently there are no Hosts assigned to this group. If you would like to become a Host of this group, contact an Administrator.

We all know that the ForumHost group has hosts. I know it's probably low on the list of things to do, but I think it would help for people wanting to know who are hosts and how they can become one. LAst time I checked we did not have a very long list of people willing to become a host.

I think most People on DU are smart enough to figure it out, but saying that there are no hosts in the hosts forum seems a bit confusing for those that are not hosts and may want to be one.

November 12, 2014

My 5000th post!

and it is on the 10th anniversary of my being an official member of DU! I must have lurked for 2-3 years before I got the guts to sign up and post.

Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 12:48 PM

Thank you to DU and its members for letting me be a part of this wonderful place!
November 6, 2014

Rick Perry appears in court:

Indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made his first court appearance on felony abuse of power charges, sitting largely stoically through heated arguments from lawyers. (snip)

Perry is eying a 2016 White House run. Asked afterward if this could mar that, he replied he was "good at multitasking."

Good at multitasking? he's not even good at uhmmmm… oops:

This guy is still a Possibility for the GOP?!

Dear lord.
November 4, 2014

How are things looking at your polling place?

We just voted in Alexandria at about 10 AM. Polls workers said that it has been a steady stream of people and that they had already surpassed 1000 voters!!

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