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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 01:48 PM
Number of posts: 11,431

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I am watching my friend hosting an amazing event! #LadyPartsJustice


Lizz is an amazing woman. You can watch it live now!

Hello Loungers!

I don't have much to say, so I just wanted to say hi!

So come January, who'll be the GOP leader?

I don't know if we can get the seat. I think we need to scramble and figure out who Jack Trammell is. (and get behind him)

Until then, if the GOP retains the house, who will take that role? They lost a pretty big senior member tonite. and when I say senior member…

… I'll stop..

Good bye to Cantor. Farewell.

Question about Those that are making statements about Elliot Rodger:

Things like, Was he gay; Was he an MRA, was he just a self entitled ass (or any version of the sort… There has been a lot of speculation on DU about this. That's understandable, as this is a discussion board)

I'm not quite sure how to phrase this, but it appears as tho a lot of people are coming to a thesis based on his 'manifesto', and assuming that everything he wrote was absolute truth. This guy created a work of his own truths, as I see it.

I have not had a chance to read or even seen any comments from the many people he grew up with, or his family. Why are we taking his manifesto as truth? How do we know that anything he wrote was true at this point?

I assume it's easy to believe that the result of that very disturbed writing is proof. (and I am actually reading it, it looks like he was making excuses for what he did, blame blame blame)

Has anyone of the many MANY people mention in that writing had a chance to comment on what happened? The guy killed people. HE killed a lot of people, why should we take his words as truth?

He was a selfish murderous POS, I base this on his actions. I am not willing to get into his motives based on his words and his words only. I would very much like to see what so many of the people who interacted with him have to say. He named a lot of people; people who might be able to verify or discredit anything he wrote or recorded.

He killed innocents, I am not sure that I willing to give his words or manifesto credence.

I don't post here much, but an appreciation thread is (IMO) in order…

A thread for NRaleighLiberal!

I have been a gardener since as long as I can remember. I love growing my own stuff.

That said, NRaleighLiberal is an amazing resource in this group and deserves a huge appreciation.

To every gardener on DU:

I am going outside to plant. We have 4 years of spent grain (home brewers) compost that is rich, lucious soil and filled with earthworms that I have a need, a need -- for seed!

Keep on planting on! and once again, thank you NRaleighLiberal for all you do!

Not only do I love the Grateful Dead, I also love Mr. Bob Dylan.

I've spent a good portion of my afternoon listening to Bob Dylan Radio -- they play all sorts of dylan stuff. Live concerts. people who have covered him and the covers he has done of other people.

I loved this cover:

I want to ask a question, and it comes from an honest and naive place.

I just read this post http://www.democraticunderground.com/10024761241

I agree with the OP, this is a right. (it's a shame that a right needs to be legislated) but it popped a question into my head. Blu

Does DU have any AA members that experienced/lived through the era prior to the civil rights act being signed into law?

I would love to read the perspective of what people thought after it was signed into law. Did supporters of the Civil Rights Act(s) ever feel like they had to apologize for what it did? Did the CRA have the same kind of reaction that the ACA is having?

It's my opinion that the CRA could have gone farther, but my perspective is one based on history. I was born in 1967, so for me, hindsite is 20/20. Did people at the time feel they needed a disclaimer to proclaim their support for the CRA?

(I may not be around tonite to respond, but I will be here tomorrow during the day)

I hope this all makes sense.

When was the last time someone came to the lounge for a hug?

Ya know, this sorta scenario: Raine pushed the doors open and said 'I need a hug. Can I get a hug? ' (and then Raine hugged a person in the lounge.)

I think a hug thread would be awesome.

so here:

and here:

9-alarm fire; Beacon street in Boston.

live video.
Scanner feed.
Sending prayers to the firefighters and the people in the building. Boston has to be windy as hell today after yesterdays storm.

Could we have the in Memoriam post

link in the Announcements group pinned?

It's a bit difficult to find. In order to get to this, http://www.democraticunderground.com/inmemoriam, it seems people need to know this http://www.democraticunderground.com/10133577

Maybe a pinned post might help people find the memoriam page. I mention this because of this post in the lounge:


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