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Member since: Fri Nov 12, 2004, 03:22 AM
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Please Help the Virginia Range Wild Horses

The atrocities against horses have mounted at an alarming rate lately with a new story in the news each day. The horse lovers of Nevada have been battling hard to protect their wild horses but it seems the state and federal government don't value them quite as much. The Virginia range wild horses are in trouble, please sign and share the petition below and call and write the white house and your representatives and senators on the horse's behalf!!


Horseslaughter - The Voice of the people ignored and it's NOT just an animal rights issue

How many times will the people be ignored? Our wild horses are rounded-up and taken off of public land in cruel inhumane manners even though the people want humane treatment of America's beloved wild horses and burros, now taxpayers must pay to slaughter and export horse meat for people in Europe! Polls show that the American people do NOT support horse slaughter and yet we have sit back and watch horses brutally murdered so that a few wealthy individuals can collect $26 to $30 a pound on the exported meat, it's outrageous! Please help circulate this article and the cause in general, our horses need help!!

Forbes Article Covering the Political Issue:

Some video of what goes on in the slaughterhouses:

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