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Nancy Pelosi Says Social Security Cut Proposed By Obama Would 'Strengthen' Program



The chained CPI works by assuming that when the price of a product, such as beef, gets too high, consumers don't keep paying the higher prices. Instead, the model predicts they will switch to something cheaper, such as chicken, keeping their cost of living lower and leading to a lower rate of inflation, as measured by the chained CPI. The lower rate of inflation would mean a downward adjustment in cost of living, and thus stingier benefits.

The cuts would start small, but wind up costing beneficiaries thousands of dollars over time, which is why Democrats have traditionally fought the idea.

But Pelosi wrapped both her arms around it Wednesday, insisting she does not regard it as a "cut."

"No, I donít," she told reporters. "I consider it a strengthening of Social Security, but thatís neither here nor there."

If Obama cuts social security

And Medicare, what was the point of him being elected. He ran against that. Not only that, we paid into those programs, it's not our fault that the government spent our pensions for wars and tax breaks for the rich.

He has a mandate, and he should use it.

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