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mother earth

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Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 06:08 PM
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NAFTA was a great success? I beg to differ...or perhaps it was successful for the corporations?

Come on, really? We are not living in a bubble. This info is readily available, if you can't see the harm for yourself, or don't want to see it.

Nearly two decades after NAFTA was implemented, the goals and promises of the agreement remain unrealized. In fact, quite the opposite has resulted. NAFTA has been devastating to the U.S. trade deficit and has resulted in massive job losses—particularly in the manufacturing sector. Between 1994 and 2010, U.S. trade deficits with Mexico totaled $97.2 billion and displaced an estimated 682,900 U.S. jobs. Nearly all of the losses were in manufacturing.

Job losses play a role in the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States as well. Since NAFTA began, nearly 300,000 family farms in Mexico have been put out of business. The lack of work is forcing Mexican workers to seek employment and better opportunities elsewhere to support their families. The United States is where they set their sights; the number of Mexicans migrating each year to our country has more than doubled. In 1993, there was an estimated 3.9 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. By 2011, that number exploded to an estimated 23 million.

Illegal immigration is something that will not be fixed unless our government leaders place particular attention on the root causes behind migration to the U.S. This means that if we want any sort of immigration reform, elements of NAFTA are going to have to be readdressed and improved upon, because the failures of the North American Free Trade Agreement have resulted in the job losses, outsourcing, trade deficits, and migration that we are faced with today. If the job outlook continues to remain unfavorable in Mexico, we will continue to see illegal immigrants seeking opportunities here. Renegotiating NAFTA is where real immigration reform must begin.


TheGuardian: Artists on: TTIP Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (Companion to TPP)

Published on Jun 9, 2015

A group of artists including actors Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott and Juliet Stevenson and designer Vivienne Westwood are fronting a campaign (artistsagainstttip.org) to raise public awareness of the trade deal TTIP (pronounced tee-tip) which is being secretly negotiated between the EU and the US.

They are questioning its democratic validity, as no UK MP has had access to the negotiating documents. This week a European petition against TTIP has reached a record 2 million signatures, a few days ahead of a crucial vote on the deal by MEPs in the European parliament.

Guardian website ► http://is.gd/guardianhome

Robert Reich: "Wall Street screwed you once." Don't let it happen again

Cross post from V & MM.
Published on May 18, 2015

Robert Reich says, "Wall Street screwed you once." Don't let it happen again!


TY to MoveOn.org & Robert Reich!

Robt Reich: Raise the Estate Tax, Don't Eliminate it

Published on Jun 2, 2015

Robert Reich tells us why we have to raise--not lower--the Estate Tax on the wealthiest Americans

TY, MoveOn.org & Robert Reich!

Robert Reich says strengthen unions, inequality has skyrocketed as unions have weakened.

Published on May 28, 2015

Robert Reich says inequality has skyrocketed as unions have weakened. That is no accident and it's why we have to strengthen unions now!

Robt Reich: Make the Polluters Pay, MoveOn

Wolff touches upon the HRC & Bernie numbers, it's encouraging,

so thought I'd cross-post here as a point of interest, which I'm sure will come to no surprise to Bernie followers.


Richard Wolff, Global Capitalism: June 2015 Monthly Update

Published on Jun 11, 2015

Global Capitalism: Monthly Economic Update

Richard D. Wolff

Bio: Richard D. Wolff is a Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and currently a Visiting Professor of the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University in New York. He is the author of many books, including Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, and Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.
Wolff hosts the weekly hour-long radio program Economic Update on WBAI, 99.5 FM, New York City (Pacifica Radio). More: http://rdwolff.com/content/about


For more info or donations: http://www.democracyatwork.info/

Note: Used by permission of Prof. R.D. Wolff

Troika Tightens Grip on Greece, TRNN, John Weeks, Author of Economics of the l%

John Weeks, author of Economics of the 1%, says it's really the German government that is flexing its muscles regarding Greece despite that the IMF recognizes the entire Greek debt can never be paid in full - June 10, 2015

John Weeks is a professor emeritus of the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies and author of Economics of the 1%: How Mainstream Economics Serves the Rich, Obscures Reality and Distorts Policy. His recent policy work includes a supplemental unemployment program for the European Union and advising the central banks of Argentina and Zambia.

Full Transcript Available at link:

Greece Bailout Talks - The Main Actors In a Modern Day Epic

The Syriza-led coalition’s long fight to end years of austerity by striking a deal with the troika is nearing its end. Here are the main players of the eurozone crisis

Greece is almost entirely friendless as it enters the final phase of talks over a multibillion-pound rescue deal. The prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, was elected to end austerity, but he has no money, and few allies.

Athens has tried for the last four months to reverse six years of post-crash austerity policies while extracting a better deal from the EU – and in the process upset almost everybody who might have had the power and inclination to help.

If Tsipras has any friends left in the eurozone, they are a diminishing bunch, and to be found mainly in Brussels rather than in the national capitals. Sympathy for the radical leftist Syriza-led government, which was never overwhelming, has shrunk sharply and turned into undisguised hostility.

Greece owes €320bn (£234bn) to the European commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank following bailouts in 2010 and 2012. The troika of lenders insisted on a broad set of reforms and public spending cuts as the price for the loans under a programme that ran out in February and was extended until the end of June.



Nice info piece to help follow the situation.
Posted by mother earth | Tue Jun 9, 2015, 07:03 PM (0 replies)
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