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Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 06:08 PM
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5 Ways America Is Already Socialist

Published on Aug 6, 2015

Socialism, turns out the dirtiest word in U.S. politics is as American as apple pie. From the U.S. labor movement to the New Deal to corporate subsidies, America relies on a healthy dose of socialism.

Beltway Dem Talking Point: No One Will Vote for Bernie Except Educated Progressives - FALSE!

Published Aug. 6, 2015
Although both major Democratic candidates – Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – are polling ahead of all their Republican opponents, neither one of these candidates will be able to win the election without the support of African Americans. But when you compare the two records, it's obvious which candidate is more concerned about the issues facing African Americans.

America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, and author Hal Goodman discuss those records.

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Republicans To History Teachers: “You Can Only Say America Is #1”

Published on Aug 6, 2015

The Republican attack on education will never end, and they refuse to allow any American student to think that U.S. history is nothing less than grand and perfect. And now, after things were actually looking a little brighter for A.P. History courses, the College Board is giving in to the attack by dumbing down their course outlines.

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this.


After Facing Backlash, AP U.S. History Course Revised To Emphasize American Ideals

Conservatives thought the last update didn't paint a positive enough picture of the country.
Rebecca Klein
Education Editor, The Huffington Post
Posted: 07/30/2015 11:18 AM EDT | Edited: 07/31/2015 10:18 AM EDT

After facing months of intense scrutiny over a new Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) course outline that some conservatives perceived as containing anti-American biases, the College Board released a new framework for the class Thursday morning. This structure places more of an emphasis on concepts surrounding American national identity, the country's founding leaders and documents and the effective role of free enterprise in U.S. history.

The College Board, the company that created and runs the Advanced Placement program, said the updated course framework reflects feedback it received from educators and historians during a public review period. The changes make it so "statements [in the framework] are clearer and more historically precise, and less open to misinterpretation or perceptions of imbalance" and so that specific important individuals and documents are clearly included, according to the group's website.

After deciding to redesign the course in 2006, the College Board released a new course outline last year that hit classrooms in the fall. It was designed by a committee of professors and teachers, and generated controversy from critics who said it took an overly critical approach to teaching American history.

In August 2014, the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution criticizing the framework for "radically revisionist view of American history that emphasizes negative aspects of our nation's history while omitting or minimizing positive aspects." In October, the framework triggered weeks of protests in Jefferson County, Colorado, after members of the local school board pushed for the creation of a committee to review the course and ensure it presented America positively. In February, the Oklahoma legislature took steps to try to ban the course from state classrooms.

Posted by mother earth | Sat Aug 8, 2015, 11:11 AM (8 replies)

Varoufakis Sued for Alleged Treason While Syriza’s Left Platform is Accused of Conspiracy


Lincoln & the Socialist Roots of the Republican Party (may be helpful in conversations on socialism)

Lincoln and the socialist roots of the Republican Party

These capitalists generally act harmoniously and in concert, to fleece the people.
 —Abraham Lincoln, from his first speech as an Illinois state legislator, 1837

Everyone now is more or less a Socialist. 
—Charles Dana, managing editor of the New York Tribune, and Lincoln’s assistant secretary of war, 1848

The workingmen of Europe feel sure that, as the American War of Independence initiated a new era of ascendancy for the middle class, so the American Antislavery War will do for the working classes. They consider it an earnest of the epoch to come that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class, to lead his country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world. 
—Karl Marx and the First International Workingmen’s Association to Lincoln, 1864

These quotations begin a chapter in John Nichols new book, The “S” Word: A Short History of an American Tradition—Socialism. He wrote The “S” Word in response to Newt Gingrich’s comment, in 2010, that “the socialist infiltration of American government and media is even more disturbing than the threats from foreign terrorists.”

Although both Republicans and Democrats pretend that socialism is a foreign idea antithetical to the “American Way,” Nichols argues that socialism has a long, proud history in America. He writes about Tom Paine who admired early socialists, Horace Greeley who employed Karl Marx as a correspondent for the New York Tribune, and Helen Keller who was an avowed socialist. But one fascinating chapter, reprinted in full at the International Socialist Review, reveals that Republican president Abraham Lincoln had not only immersed himself in the ideas of European Utopian Socialists, and German Communists, but spoke about them publicly.

Lincoln was an avid reader of newspapers, especially of the New York Tribune, which was the great Republican paper of the day. It took a strong stand against slavery in the south. But it also had forceful opinions on the relationship between Labor and Capital, arguing that “Labor needs not to combat but to command Capital.” Greeley wanted to “expose the crimes whereby wealth is amassed and luxury enjoyed.” Nichols writes:




So, the next time someone slams "socialism" as communism or some such BS, please educate them, chances are it will come from a republican who just doesn't get it, lol, but ignorance knows no limits, it could come from anyone, even a dem.

Prof. R.D. Wolff's Global Capitalism: July 2015 Monthly Update

Bio: Richard D. Wolff is a Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and currently a Visiting Professor of the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University in New York. He is the author of many books, including Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, and Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA.
Wolff hosts the weekly hour-long radio program Economic Update on WBAI, 99.5 FM, New York City (Pacifica Radio).
More: http://rdwolff.com/content/about

For more info or donations: http://www.democracyatwork.info/

Note: Used by permission of Prof. R.D. Wolff.

Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism | #GRITtv

Published on Jul 14, 2015

This week: On Sanders and Socialism. Is socialism still an American taboo? Not so much, says professor Richard Wolff; nor was it in the past, says Nation columnist John Nichols. Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, and a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School University in New York City. He has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books, including his most recent; Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens: Essays on the Global Economic Meltdown 2010- 2014, and he hosts the weekly Economic Update podcast. John Nichols' many books include The "S" Word: A Short History of an American Tradition...Socialism, and, most recently, Dollarocracy: How the Money-and-Media-Election Complex is Destroying America. This episode also features commentary from Laura on renaming capitalism.

Leo Panitch and Sharmini Peries at the SYRIZA Headquarters in Athens - July 21, 2015 (TRNN)

SYRIZA's Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (1/3)

SYRIZA's Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (2/3)

SYRIZA'S Stability Rocked by New Memorandum (3/3)

Transcripts: http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=14289

Leo Panitch is the Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and a distinguished research professor of political science at York University in Toronto. He is the author of many books, the most recent of which include UK Deutscher Memorial Prize winner The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire and In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives. He is also a co-editor of the Socialist Register, whose 2013 volume is entitled The Question of Strategy.

Keiser Report: Two Faced Greek Govt (E786)

Published on Jul 21, 2015

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Greek prime ministers bearing referendums as privatization schemes move full steam ahead as billionaires and celebrities begin buying up Greek islands on the cheap. In the second half, Max interviews Eddy Travia of Coinsilium.com about the company’s upcoming IPO on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London. Coinsilium Group facilitates the implementation of blockchain technology products and services alongside media and corporate advisory services.

Catherine Austin Fitts-Central Bank Warfare Model Wearing Thin (USA Watchdog, Greg Hunter)

Published on Jul 19, 2015

Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts says, “The central banking warfare model is wearing thin. There are three things you can do: You can have war, you can have depopulation or you can have change. The voice you are hearing coming back from the BRICS, the voice you are hearing coming back from the Greek people is let’s try change. The IMF is saying . . . you know they have a point. Puerto Rico and Greece have rung that bell that says we have to create value in the real economy. You can’t eat it if you don’t grow it, and we can’t grow it if we are all engaged in disaster capitalism.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com.
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