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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Western PA
Home country: Earth
Current location: It has to be a dream
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 05:24 PM
Number of posts: 2,257

About Me

I believe in the 99%.

Journal Archives

The Devil meets his match...and it ain't Johnny


Another TikTok GEM!


Funniest tweet about DT evah (well, until tomorrow anyway)[Updated]


On edit had to add this one - a Doctor gives very professional, real and yes disgusting analysis in his multi tweet thread. The replies are slammin' too. Make sure you click and read all of the thread - 15 parts long, with detailed photo's of yucky coming out of the famous mouthanus. Read to find out why, kids!


We Just saw a moment that will go down in History.

What a speech. What a man. What a heart.

We The People Need You NOW!

From Rosa To Kamala

This one is awesome.


I don't agree with Don on some things...but he hit it out of the park with this clip.

Wow. Best Damn TV Show I've Seen in a long Time.

It's got it all...

A truly evil villain intent on destroying the world.

A deadly disease decimating civilization.

Despicable racist thugs roaming the streets and countryside.

Everyday heroes of every stripe struggling to survive.

An unlikely Hero stepping onto the stage from the wings.

Tears. Fears. Heartbreak.

Singers and poets crying out and singing American Pie.

And underlying it all, a toughness, a tenacity, a will to help ALL human beings beat all foes and save the world...

Kudos to the creative visionaries who came up with this format and storyline, and are bringing us the FIRST truly 21st Century Political Convention.

Go Joe & Kamala. We The People have your backs.

Attention: Plan B is now in Effect.


Here is DeJoy's email. Perhaps it's time for some Good Trouble...Just Sayin'


Plouffe FTW: "Time to Go to the Mattresses. Now."


Lest We forget, a seminal moment in 2017... This was the keystone event.

(That's me in the far right of the top pix below the Monument... )
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