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Laura PourMeADrink

Laura PourMeADrink's Journal
Laura PourMeADrink's Journal
January 14, 2022

Reading two articles on "TheDonald" the reddit subdomain they used to plan 1-6

Makes you realize that conclusively tying trump to the attack will take time and lots of squeezing up the chain.

Background of site it's use when planning the attack:

Challenge of tying trump to it...


Here are five questions investigators and reporters should be asking:

1. How were Dan Scavino, the White House, and the Trump campaign digital teams tracking The Donald? What analytics tools did they use to monitor the dialogue on the site, and how did they share such information?

2. How did Scavino or others in the White House or campaign communications and digital teams share information with Trump about the discourse on The Donald, particularly after the election and in the weeks leading up to January 6? Did Scavino or anyone else in these positions communicate with Trump regarding the content at The Donald on plans for violence at the Capitol on January 6?

3. What was Trump’s reaction when he was criticized for circulating content from the site?

4. Was anyone with whom Trump regularly communicated or were other close Trump associates in private communication with the most active users or moderators of The Donald to seed new trends, suggest ideas, or otherwise encourage certain actions or behaviors on the site as they had reportedly done during the 2016 election?

5. Did any member of the Trump family, the White House or Trump campaign teams maintain user accounts on The Donald, and what did they post publicly in the weeks after the election?

January 12, 2022

Anyone else get hooked on Wordle yet?

It's the new rage. You are only allowed to play once a day . - no sign up, no email, no ads . Link to free game (thanks markie)

You have to guess the word of the day within six tries. You start with a wild guess and then deduce each time because correct letters turn yellow and correct letters in the proper position turn green. At first I thought it was easy but it isn't.

More explanation and tips...

January 11, 2022

Hell just froze over. Got the final Jeopardy question right

When the brainiac Amy didn't! Woohoo. Of course I was starting with a negative score.

Anyone else watching her? She's over a million now. Matt Amodio won $1.5m before he lost.

January 10, 2022

Head Exploding. Correlation between flu shot and covid outcomes?

Three of us have been sick as dogs for the last couple weeks. No one else who gathered for Christmas was. Serial covid rapid tests negative for the last month so we assumed cold or flu. Then something clicked this morning - everyone who wasn't sick had had the flu shot.

So as I was pondering what a great thing the flu shot is it entered my mind could there be a correlation between the flu shot and covid

Googling there's plenty of information that says the flu shot has nothing to do with covid. Until I come across this press release from the University of Miami medical school.


New study: Flu shot protects against severe effects of COVID-19
Peer-Reviewed Publication

Bottom line...snip
The analysis revealed that those who had not had the flu shot were significantly more likely (up to 20% more likely) to have been admitted to the ICU. They were also significantly more likely to visit the emergency department (up to 58% more likely), to develop sepsis (up to 45% more likely), to have a stroke (up to 58% more likely) and a DVT (up to 40% more likely). The risk of death was not reduced.
January 5, 2022

Home Test:. Swab nose - negative, Swab throat - positive



Swabbing throat for omicron

Spencer, a Manhattan ER doctor

"Every patient I’ve seen with Covid that’s had a 3rd ‘booster’ dose has had mild symptoms. By mild I mean mostly sore throat. Lots of sore throat. Also some fatigue, maybe some muscle pain. No difficulty breathing. No shortness of breath. All a little uncomfortable, but fine," Spencer wrote. From there, it goes downhill, depending on your vaccination status or lack thereof.

But Spencer's comment about sore throats gets to a recent debate about COVID testing and whether the omicron variant is more common in some parts of the body than previous strains of the virus.

The #SwabYourThroat trend on Twitter grew out of a series of anecdotal reports from symptomatic people who tested negative on rapid antigen tests with nasal swabs, repeated the test with a throat swab and came back positive immediately.

The trend picked up steam with a Dec. 27 tweet from a biologist at University College London, who said she'd tested negative repeatedly until swabbing her throat.

For now neither the FDA nor other public health authorities have changed any instructions or recommendations on how to use at-home COVID tests, which primarily rely on nasal swabs instead -- even though in the UK, authorities have been offering instructions on how to take at-home throat swabs since early 2020.
January 4, 2022

Guess FG won't be complying with subpoena for Friday's 1-7-22 deposition

with NY AG. Do we need to start tracking TFG's countersuit accusing her of being partisan against him?

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