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McCamy Taylor

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 19,240

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Here is my fiction website: http://home.earthlink.net/~mccamytaylor/ My political cartoon site: http://www.grandtheftelectionohio.com/

Journal Archives

John Mitchell, Alberto Gonzales..and now Bill Barr

I happen to believe that the entire Mueller report has already been leaked to House Democrats. For one thing, unless it was typed on an old IBM Selectric and mailed via carrier pigeons a la John Wick, it has probably been hacked at least a half dozen times. At least one of the hackers would have shared it with someone who would have given it to a prominent Democrat or Democratic Party supporter or an enemy of Donald Trump (and there are many). Plus, there are plenty of media outlets that would be wiling to pay a hacker large sums of money for the real thing. What a scoop!.

So, why is no one claiming to have the report yet? For one thing, that would give Donald trump and his Republican stooges a chance to demand an investigation. "Who leaked?" would be Fox News' response to "Trump Obstructed Justice." Better to sit tight until the official release date. And then, those who are already pouring over it can quickly announce the evidence of obstruction and issue subpoenas to those who will be called upon to testify before Congress.

But there is another possibility, one that Barr ought to be considering as he prepares to redact the investigation report to please his boss, Donald Trump. The Democratic House could be setting Barr up. Allow him to redact everything that might indicate that Trump obstructed justice (we already know he did, from the firing of Comey to his illegal witness tampering) and then compare the document he presents to Congress with the real one. If the Barr document carefully trims every evidence of Trump's obstruction of justice that makes the current Attorney General an accessory to obstruction of justice. And there is no easier target for a Congressional investigation and impeachment effort than an Attorney General who breaks the law, because the Attorney General is the law and can not plead ignorance or act like an idiot who did not know better or even plead the Fifth.

Prediction--first head to roll will be Barr's himself unless he is very, very careful.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Fri Mar 29, 2019, 08:02 PM (3 replies)

Big Pharm's Greed and the Ever Rising Cost of Drugs

Pharmacy Bro was not an aberration. He was just an overachiever. Here are some modern examples of price gouging by Big Pharm

1) take colchicine, an old generic, get a new FDA indication for a short course for gout and then the only colchicine on the market is the overpriced Colcrys

2) take guafenesin, the generic mucolytic in Robutussin and declare that one company, Mucinex owns a patent to it in pill form

3) Take Doxycyclne an old generic antibiotic that used to be $4, get a monopoly on th precursor ingredient and suddenly you can charge $50 or more dollars for a course

4) Take cefixime (used to be Suprax) the only generic oral third generation cephalosprin and got to court any time any other generic manufacturer tries to make it, meaning that a course can cost $200.

5) Bribe the Bush FDA to ban ergot (migraine) and quinine (restless leg) so that Glaxo-Smith-Kline can make more money selling Imitrex and Reqip.

6)Wait until Lyrica, the expensive version of gabapentin loses its patent to begin a public relations campaign aimed at driving gabapentin (cheap generic) from the market where it is widely used as a non-opiate chronic pain treatment.

7) Wait until your own product Seldane, at that time the only non-sedating antihistamine is about to go generic and petition the FDA to take it from the market due to rare side effects just as your company is about to release its new, patent non-sedating antihistamine.

8) Mylan raaised the price of Epi-Pen 500%--because they could.

9) and now Mylan is suddenly not producing Buspar (buspirone) a popular anti-anxiety med that is not a benzo creating national shortage and panic among anxiety patients. Wanna bet that when it comes back to the market, it will have a higher price?

Here is the Washington Post on how Big Pharm conspires to fix prices of generics.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Tue Mar 19, 2019, 09:03 PM (8 replies)

In Answer to Paul Krugman's Question: How Do We Save Rural America? Answer: Medicaid Expansion

NYT has not published any of my comments since I suggested that David Brooks was only supporting reparations because it is an issue the GOP hopes will fan the flames of white victim-hood. So, here is what I sent in response to Paul Krugman's latest piece about how to fix rural America:

Here is one simple thing that could make a world of difference. Encourage all states to accept the Medicaid expansion. Anyone who has visited rural Colorado or New Mexico recently knows that clinics, pharmacies and even hospitals spring up in rural areas when the population is insured. And then, these rural areas flourish. Compare this to rural Texas/Georgia and the southern states in between where you have to travel to a big city for health care--and where small towns are mostly boarded up.

Why does health care matter? One, it creates jobs. Well paying jobs. Health care spending is second only to education spending as a way to encourage economic growth.

Two, it keeps the local population healthy so the kids can go to school and get higher educations. It keeps the kids' parents healthy so they can work to put their kids through school.

And three, employers that offer health insurance are more likely to locate in an area that has health care providers. And those who work from home--say by computer, often highly skilled and highly paid professionals---will be more likely to buy the house of their dreams in the country if they know that the closest ER is not three hours away.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Mon Mar 18, 2019, 06:52 PM (0 replies)

Help Me Out Here? WTF is the "Purity Patrol" in regards to the Democratic Primaries?

I googled "Purity Patrol" and got an environmental group that tests water. But in a political context this makes no sense. How does "purity patrol" relate to the Democratic Primaries? Is there some broader meaning to this phrase that I do not understand? In the context in which I heard it used, it struck me as being sort of a politically loaded comment, like "political correctness" as it used to be used to protect hate speech and "welfare queen" as used by Reagan to make poverty something to despise rather than something to pity.

Or maybe it is like Paws Patrol? My grandson loves Paws Patrol.

BTW, I will be here often checking for Divide and Conquer/Kneecapping/ and Anyone is a Phony (favorite GOP Democratic Primary lie of the 21st century). And if something troubles me, I will say so. This is a political forum that encourages political debate. We should all come away from this forum at the end of the day a little bit more politically savvy (I know I do. I now know the phrase "purity patrol') Anyone who objects to me checking for Divide and Conquer/Kneecapping/Anyone is a Phony, please let me know why. If your objection is that for the first time in decades, I have chosen not to remain undecided, well, sometimes Granny has to shake things up a bit. If your objection is that I am a smart ass, then you are correct. The snark is strong within you, McCamy. If your objection is that my comments do not reflect the opinions of the guy at the bottom of my page, I am not pretending to reflect his opinions. I have been around for a long time and my opinions are my own and no young whippersnapper from El Paso will make me change my opinions.

Party on, dudes. And by that, I mean Democratic Party on! And if you have not read Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972" Angela Davis's "Women, Race and Class" and Eric Hobsbawn's "Bandits" (the last pertains specifically to Trump and his popularity with his rural base and gives clues as to how best to divide him from his base) then add them to your summer reading list.

This is shaping up to be a great primary. I wish Dr. Gonzo and Molly Ivins were here. They would love this one.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Mar 16, 2019, 01:13 PM (5 replies)

Beto Wrote This and Bernie Wrote That Could Well be a GOP/Kremlin Divide and Conquer Trap

Thanks to TexasTowelie for reminding me of a bit of political trivia, a stupid story that really "disturbed" people like Glenn Beck about how Sanders once wrote something about a woman's rape fantasy. In 1972. The very first time in all of recorded history that anyone has ever written about a woman's rape fantasy. OMG! Sanders invented the myth of women have rape fantasies! What a monster! I'm literally pulling my hair out and foaming at the mouth!


So, if someone tells us that Beto wrote a bit of fiction about a teenager's momentary murderous impulse, not acted upon, it becomes easy to claim that Beto single handedly is responsible for all the teenagers who have ever committed murder. And then, Beto supporters will be up in arms and declare "Not True! But Sanders is responsible for everyone who ever imagined that women sometimes fantasize about being raped!" And then the supporters of the two candidates can get into poo flinging battle that would make a band of chimps watch in awe. And then the so called "feminists" can jump in with "Women seldom commit violent crimes and rape. You can not trust a candidate with a penis." And then the shit really hits the fan.

Remember Pat Buchanan's strategy in 1972 when he created CREEP for Tricky Dick Nixon:


The preparation of attacks on one Democrat by another -- and 'endorsements' of one Democrat by another, which has to be repudiated, are examples of what can be done.

These are the words that every Republican Dirty Trickster lives by. And so does the Kremlin.

Just say NO to Kneecapping and Divide and Conquer! Solidarity!

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Mar 16, 2019, 10:47 AM (9 replies)

No kneecapping please.

Not only can this weaken the eventual nominee in the general, it can also weaken a later nominee in a later general——as we recently witnessed. So, for instance, please do not post that a candidate “went off” which feeds a MSM Big Lie that women in power are emotionally unstable. Instead use language like “delivered a stinging indictment.” The Russians and their trolls will be doing a lot of kneecapping.

Remember, kneecapping is another form of Divide and Conquer, the GOP’s favorite dirty political trick.


PS this donkey needs it’s knees to run!
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Mar 14, 2019, 08:18 AM (1 replies)

David Brooks Thinks Reparations Ought to Be an Important Dem Primary Topic


Just sayin'
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Tue Mar 12, 2019, 07:30 AM (16 replies)
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