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McCamy Taylor

McCamy Taylor's Journal
McCamy Taylor's Journal
May 27, 2018

Rudy Is a Mob Lawyer, So the Trump Crime Family Must Have Accepted the Fact

That this shit with Mueller is getting real. There is no way that Herr Cheeto-Hair would tolerate Rudy otherwise. But mobsters know that they have to give the mob lawyer free rein so he can get his job (thwarting justice) done.

May 20, 2018

Trump Is a Symptom. Citizens United is the Problem.

As long as a single wealthy (foreign) corporation/donor can finance an entire national political campaign, we will be dominated by politicians who answer to wealthy foreign masters. Trump will be followed by someone else's hired puppet. These special interests will have no interest in keeping the U.S. economy healthy, no interest in what happens to US voters. They will only demand a cash return on their investment.

We are fucked from now until the end of forever, unless the Supreme Court overturns that piece of shit ruling. And since the President and Congress who select SCOTUS justices depend upon Citizens United to make a whole lot of money, that will never happen. So, we are fucked. Period. What? You think the asshats on the Court who thought Citizens United was a good idea are going to change their minds now that they have seen the results? Don't let them shit you. They always knew what was going to happen. This was all part of the New Federalist plan.

Democracy in America. 1787-2010. RIP


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