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McCamy Taylor

McCamy Taylor's Journal
McCamy Taylor's Journal
March 2, 2016

As a Southern Democrat, I Am Sick of Being Labelled "Red" and "Conservative"

The backbone of the Southern Democratic Party is made of a coalition of unions, Blacks, Hispanics and gays. When people speak disparagingly of the choices we make in our primary, they are criticizing a group of voters who are much more marginalized than Democrats in other states.

Clinton scored big with unions, Blacks, Hispanics, gays---and a lot of women. She did not score big with the KKK, David Dukes or the Dukes of Hazard, no matter what some folks at DU would like you to believe.

February 18, 2016

Now Isn't This WAY More Fun Than an Uncontested Primary?

Imagine that no one decided to challenge Clinton, on the grounds that she has already tied up 98% of all the support that counts and has great name recognition and has been voted most admired woman in American 17 times in the last two decades and none of the Republicans can even give her a good run in the general. Imagine that the primaries were a mere formality, sort of like when an incumbent---or the VP (and anointed successor) of a popular sitting president runs. Imagine what we would have missed:

Bill Clinton keeps everyone guessing "Will he get off the leash? Will Hillary have to go after him with a rolled up newspaper? Will he give reporters a chance to talk about sex on the evening news?"

The left wing of the Democratic Party telling the great mass of middle of the road/undecided voters (i.e. the couch potatoes who decide elections in this country) that Clinton is dangerously moderate, extremely middle of the road, entirely too establishment, scarily average in her politics, almost certainly not going to start a socialist revolution if she gets elected.

A socialist from New England getting massive mainstream media coverage for telling it like it is.

The Democratic Primary getting lots of mainstream media attention.

The Democratic candidates getting to appear on televised debates (free publicity!)

Prominent Democrats being allowed to decide to whom they will give their support--and getting media attention for doing so!

Democratic Underground having heavy traffic, especially in the GD Primaries section.

Democratic Voters getting off their duffs and registering for the primary which means that they will also be registered for the general.

Democratic Voters discovering now rather than later that they have been effectively disenfranchised by their state's new voting laws, giving them plenty of time to fix things before the general.

And of course, one of the catchiest campaign songs ever, "Chelsea's Mom" by Well Strung.

Thank you, Bernie Sanders for making this all possible! Thank you Bernie Sanders supporters for all your hard work!

Ooops! Almost forgot: Clinton/Castro 2016 !

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