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McCamy Taylor

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 19,240

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Here is my fiction website: http://home.earthlink.net/~mccamytaylor/ My political cartoon site: http://www.grandtheftelectionohio.com/

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Do We Disrespect Rural America?

The obvious reason to hack the rural vote is that it typically comes in later, so the people stealing an election can see how far their candidate is behind and then make up the difference. However, when they decided to hack the rural vote, I think they also reasoned that Democratic urban dwellers would buy the lie that people who live in the country are "dumb" enough to fall for Trump.

I don't think rural folks are dumb, and I don't think they voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Enron: So, Who is About to Go Broke?

In 2000, the unthinkable happened. The presidential election was stolen. Not through sneaky methods like electronic vote hacking . The SCOTUS intervened to shut down the lawful count of votes in Florida that would have put Gore over the top---committing a violation of judicial ethics in the process since they ruled based upon the identity of the parties in the case. Republican politicians committed RICO violations when they sent their underlings down to Florida to stage a "spontaneous protest" designed to shut down vote. Ken Lay gave his resources, including his corporate jet to Bush's lawyers. Why? Why break so many laws? Why trash so many reputations?

A year later, we found out that Enron was a house of cards. The world's "Biggest" corporation and Bush's biggest donor was a scam. Thanks to Bush, Ken Lay was able to delay the end a little bit longer. Bush energy secretary, Nora Brownwell (picked by Lay) enabled the price gouging of California, the so called "California" strategy which Army Secretary and former Enron exec Thomas White bragged about. The state department negotiated with the Taliban so that Enron could profitable pipeline across their territory. When the Taliban backed out of the deal, the Bush administration promised to rain down a carpet of bombs. And, after 9-11, they did just that. Almost the first thing that Bush did (after reading "My Little Goat" was declare war. Then, he asked Congress to give Enron a huge infusion of cash as a financial stimulus in the wake of 9-11. Unfortunately for Ken Lay, while the GOP controlled House was more than happy to oblige, the Democratic Senate said "Why does the world's biggest company need so much money?" and refused---at which point, Enron promptly folded.

Everything that happened after that was part of the Enron coverup. The 2002 election was stolen to shut down the Senate investigation into Enron. Iraq was invaded on the day that the Enron report---which detailed the price gouging---was released. The war served as an effective media distraction. California's Dem governor, Gray Davis was recalled and Arnold installed in his place in order to shut down the civil suit against Enron. Since Valerie Plame had to be outed in order to get the thumbs up to invade Iraq, the 2004 election had to be stolen so that Bush would be in office to pardon Scooter Libby so that he would not rat out the rest of the conspirators----

All that shit we put up with, all those deaths, all that misery in order to save one miserable company that did not actually do anything and which wasn't actually rich.

Given the obvious parallels between the 2000/2004 stolen elections and this stolen election you have to wonder Who is about to go broke?

The right wing will claim it is about ideology, but that is bullshit. Ideology can bide its time. It can wait. The last thing ideology wants is to draw negative attention to itself. Ideology wants, above all else, to look moral, ethical, patriotic.

Who is about to go broke? Russia? Falling oil prices have wrecked havoc in Venezuela. What's propping up the former Soviet Union? If Russia goes into recession will Putin be able to keep his power (and his secret billions)?

Who is about to go broke? The Koch Brothers? Foreign competitors are threatening their Georgia-Pacific lumber company. Same for Dixie paper. With oil cheap and abundant, no one is going to pay them a gazillion dollars to stockpile US oil. Why have they kept their company private? How are they able to finance so many elections and buy so many candidates without any obvious return on their investment?

Who is about to go broke? Maybe it's some silent partner in the conspiracy who has managed to stay in the shadows. All I know for certain is when I see this brazen a crime being committed with no regard for public opinion or the consequences, it is usually about money.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Nov 26, 2016, 12:43 AM (16 replies)

Looming National Security DISASTER: Putin OWNS Trump the Way Iran OWNED Reagan/Bush

IUf (as we all suspect) Russia hacked the vote, Trump is now in Putin's pocket. If Trump doesn't play ball, Putin can threaten to have the Russian hackers reveal the hack. Since they are foreign nationals, nothing will happen to them. But Pres. Trump will be political toast. If he is impeached, Putin gets Pence, who is in the pocket of oil and will almost certainly do the Koch Brothers bidding--and what is good for oil is good for Russia. Plus who knows what kind of ties the Kochs still have to the country that made their daddy rich under Stalin?

Reagan/Bush did whatever Iran demanded. They illegally sold them weapons and claimed they did it to fund a covert war in Nicaragua. They attacked Iran's enemy in Iraq.

What will Putin make Trump do (under threat of blackmail and exposure)?

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Fri Nov 25, 2016, 02:24 PM (1 replies)

Recount Won't Change the Election, Since Pennsylvania Has No Paper Trail

Before we start celebrating, remember one thing---you can not "recount" a hacked electronic vote if there is no paper trail, and Pennsylvania has no paper trail.

The Stein/Green effort to "recount" votes will likely result in a switch of two states' electoral votes. But it won't be enough to unseat Trump. It will make Americans leery of e-voting---when they see two states change, they will wonder "What about the third?" It will help the Greens in their valiant effort to raise awareness of the dangers of e-voting without a paper trail. More states may do what California did and future elections will be more accurate----

But that will not do a thing for the 20,000,000 Americans who will lose their ACA insurance or the seniors who will lose Medicare or the schools that will be underfunded or the children who will be forced to work or the women who will have to seek do it yourself abortions.

So, yeah, by all means "recount" the vote---where it can be counted. But we need to challenge the vote in those states where it was obviously hacked. That means let some reputable computer scientists look at the code, check for malware, make sure there are no funny alterations in vote tallies--hint, once the urban vote came in, they would have known just how much they needed to adjust the rural vote.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Fri Nov 25, 2016, 02:02 PM (26 replies)

A Step by Step Guide to Winning Hearts and Minds---and Making Trump Lose

I posted these in another thread but I figured I ought to put them together in their own thread for easy reference. These are some suggestions about how to kick start the recount.

We have to win hearts as well as minds so how do we pull the heart strings of the average (math challenged) Americans?

First---make them understand that the hack happened and that it very likely came from outside the country. When a sitting president was selected for a second time due to an exit poll/tabulated vote discrepancy in Ohio in 2004, the average voter said to himself "Everything is fair in American politics." However, he would have been a little bit more alarmed (as in hopping mad) if he thought that another country--say China--had hacked the election. Because the average math challenged American has something analogous to white privilege. Call it U.S. Citizen privilege. He or she knows that if he or she is kidnapped by a foreign power and held hostage, the whole world will take notice. Because we are Americans. Duh.

No American wants to think that he or she has a puppet president. Because then we lose our American privilege.

Second: Talk about how the hackers are calling Americans "dumb" and how we've been "cheated."

It's true. In 2004, the Bush administration at least did the American voter the courtesy of trying to prevent tell-tale exit polls by trying to make pollsters stay far away from the polls. It happened early on election day in Ohio. The reliability of exit polls is inversely proportional to distance from polling places (and yes, I know I just waded into deep waters that will make math challenged Americans scream and swim for shore but bear with me, I am getting there). The news media wasn't having any of it. They went to court, got an injunction, did their exit polls--and then made a devil's bargain with the Bush administration in exchange for suppressing the polls--but not before the cow got out of the barn and we learned about them.

Recall that on election night, the Bush family was terrified that the nation would notice the exit poll/tabulated vote discrepancy. The whole family got together on television in a show of mock bravery and they looked like deers caught in a headlight. The fear was palpable. They attacked Fallujah in an attempt to divert the nation. They "came together" over the Tsunami. It was touch and go there for a while.

Did you notice Trump's scared expression on election night? He knew what Poppy Bush knew--that the exit polls would not match the tabulated vote in some key areas. He too was afraid that someone would notice.

So far, the members of the press are acting like penguins at the edge of a cliff. The water below is full of fish and the penguins are hungry. But each of them is afraid to be the first for fear that there are orcas or sharks in the water. They are waiting for someone else to go first.

Who will go first? Won't be KO this time. He does not have a network. I suggest someone who has down home credentials. Like Garrison Keeler. Someone who can talk "plain talk." And he or she needs to explain to Americans that they have just been slapped on the face by a foreign power that thinks that we will not notice that there are discrepancies in the tabulated vote that can not be explained by chance. Use gambling analogies, sports analogies---many American who consider themselves bad at math are pretty good at math when it comes to making a bet. For example---

What would Americans say if the winner of a big lottery turned out to be the second cousin of one of the software programmers? What would they say if certain online poker players seemed to be able to read their opponents cards? What about if a quarterback fumbles the crucial catch in the Superbowl, causing an upset win by the other player? Howe many Americans would sit still for that? Or if the umpire made a stupid call that made the underdogs win the World Series?

Third: the press is mad as hell. Use their anger. Massage their egos at the same time.

From what I hear, Trump just took a dump all over some media celebrities who think they are pretty hot. Media celebrities do not like that. In addition, the press' finest moment in recent memory was Watergate, when the press took down a president whom they hated and who mocked them and threatened to put a media moguls "tits in a ringer" (John Mitchell actually but close enough and they got him, too).

They are probably anticipating more Deep Throat and Watergate action this, time, too. However with Congress in Republican hands, they won't get too far with that. Therefore, if they want to flex their muscles and show that they are important, they need to do it now.

All we have to do is heap massive praise on the first one or two media news penguins to leap into those dangerous, icy fish and shark filled waters. The other side will haver a cross and nails ready, but we can exploit that. A martyr is good for the cause too--and look what martyrdom did for the career of Bill Maher.

Four: characterize the recount as the "Challenge". Americans love to Challenge.

"Recount" sounds like math. I love math. But I'm weird. The average American hates math, but loves a challenge. They like excitement. They like action. They like to think of themselves as mavericks---

And while we are at it, why aren't self described mavericks like John McCain challenging the vote? Anyone who wants to show that they have political "balls" should be all over this. One on one against Trump in the ring of public opinion. That's a battle arena many Americans would be happy to enter.

"Challenge the election!" Don't "recount the vote."

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Nov 24, 2016, 05:01 PM (1 replies)

Blast From the Past: Grand Theft Election Ohio Comics

I was hoping I could mothball my old political cartoon site. Looks like I may have to start cartooning again, instead.

Remember how they stole 2004? If you don't, these strips will remind you. It's likely that the same folks--Big Oil--were involved. Even though the Bush family has publicly disavowed Trump, their methods were used. Study what they did in 2004. Maybe it will help in 2016.

Here's a few highlights.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Nov 24, 2016, 03:10 PM (1 replies)

Challenge the Selection!

Is this the purpose of the Green Party (now that the Libertarian Party is being used to siphon votes from the Dem)? Jill Stein is raising money for a recount in the states that were stolen--stolen based upon exit poll/tabulated vote discrepancies that occurred only in e-voting districts. Recall that a famous statistician hypothesized in 2004 that some voters were reluctant to tell exit pollsters that they voted for W. for fear that the pollsters were mock them. They were only afraid to do this in precincts that did not have paper ballots. Presumably, paper ballots instill a sense of honesty in voters that makes them overcome their fear of being mocked by exit pollsters---the so called "reluctant responder theory" is now being trotted out to explain the latest vote. It is complete and utter bullshit of course. Americans are proud of being dumb and voting with their hearts and not their minds. They will deliberately tell pollsters that the sun revolves around the earth even though they know better just to mess with them.

If the votes from the areas with the exit poll/tabulated vote discrepancies were corrected, Hillary would win. This was a surgical precision hack, designed to do the least damage while achieving the desired result. However, the hackers miscalculated. If it looks too precise, it does not look random. They should have launched massive hacks, made numbers look crazy in lots of places.

I suggest getting some computer people in there. Even if the hackers think they deleted the hack after election day, there will still be traces. Unless they inserted a hack to make the whole thing crash if anyone attempts to inspect it. But I am pretty sure that the right people could get around that, too. Everything leaves a footprint in software.

Oh, and Obama, while you are still in charge of the NSA, I suggest that you use your power to monitor any transmissions made by foreign nationals--i.e. folks in Russia and Eastern Europe. Read all the emails. Listen to all the phone calls. Those folks have no Constitutional protections and I am willing to bet that someone somewhere spilled the beans to someone else, if only to advise them to place a bet on Trump because the fix was in. Once you have the Russian conspirators, then you have the US conspirators. Go after an underling. Give that person immunity to talk. Do it fast. The window of opportunity will close soon.

From my old election fraud cartoon site, Grand Theft Election Ohio. Don't make me revive it as Grand Theft Election Ohio 2: Russia Strikes Back

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Nov 24, 2016, 02:53 PM (0 replies)

Civil Rights Movement 2.0

"Without contraries is no progression." William Blake

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Black folks---and Latinos and Natives and Asians were stuck. In the game of life, they could never pass Go and never collect $200, because they could not vote. When the nation tried to give them the vote, in the aftermath of the Civil War, enterprising whites came up with ways to keep them from casting their vote or to keep their vote from counting if it was cast. Poll taxes, literacy tests, intimidation---these were the tools white men used to maintain their white privilege.

In World War II, U.S. Blacks were asked to die for their country, to defend the right of other people to participate in a democratic form of government. But when they came home, their country still denied them the vote. They were voiceless in the arena of politics. And so, they opened a new dialogue, in the streets, in the nation's newspapers, on the evening news. They stood their ground when police turned fire hoses on them. The endured attacks by police dogs. They were attacked, beaten, killed---

And the human face of their suffering awakened a sense of recognition among people far away, who had never (in their own lifetimes) been subject to such oppression but who could well imagine what it would feel like. And once people all across the country and world developed a sense of solidarity with the oppressed, once their voices were heard, then they got the vote.

We've lost our vote again. The same folks whose great grandparents trampled on the 15th Amendment to the Constitution are now spitting on the Voting Rights Act. Three of the last five presidential elections in this country have been stolen. If this continues, we will back in the days of Jim Crow faster than you can say "Make America Great Again."

Do not count upon anyone in the government to protect our vote. Elected politicians have themselves to think of. They have careers in office and after they retire. A few of them---say, a handful who represent safe minority districts---will speak out. But by themselves they will not be able to set the wheels of government back on the right path. No one in the Department of Justice is going to intervene. They have careers to think about. Almost anyone in a position of power to actually do something about this voting crisis has too much to lose---

Meaning that we, who have been stripped of almost everything by the greed of the Banksters are the only ones who can save ourselves. It's time to take to the streets again. Time to stage national strikes. Time for some creative street theater. Keep it peaceful, but keep it real. Do not let up the pressure. Do not take your eye off the prize. Ignore the terrorist distractions they will wave in our faces. Refuse to be divided and conquered along lines of race, age, gender, sexuality, religion. Be the Contrary that will allow our nation to Progress. Do it for our white brothers and sisters who have been duped. Do it for ourselves and for our children.

The holiday season is coming up. Consider a road trip to DC. Take the whole family. Occupy our capitol city the way we occupied Wall Street. If the news does not want to cover it, make them cover it----get creative. Get on YouTube. Get political.

"Opposition is true friendship." WB

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Tue Nov 22, 2016, 02:24 AM (1 replies)

Trump Will Fail Because...

No one dumps a valuable political ally, simply because the ally prosecuted his son-in-law's father. Politicians must be expedient. Trump is impatient. And vindictive. And ruled by his emotions of the moment. He is piling up political enemies faster than Scarface piled up cocaine. And the last thing any newbie politician wants is lots of lots of political enemies standing in line waiting to tell their side of the story to the press.

If there is an opposite of Reagan's political Teflon, Trump has it. Oh, I know! He has fly paper. When the you know what hits the fan, it is gonna stick to him.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Wed Nov 16, 2016, 02:08 PM (24 replies)
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