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McCamy Taylor

McCamy Taylor's Journal
McCamy Taylor's Journal
October 30, 2016

James Comey: The Latest (Not So Special) Pornographer In Chief Peddles S-E-X.

Ok, so this contradicts my last post. So sue me. The world is a very weird and complicated place.

OMG! The latest "Did you know Hillary Clinton uses e-mail? What kind of inhuman beast uses e-mail?" story is getting weirder by the moment. The emails in question are not even HRC emails. They are emails of the spouse of an aid. That means the scandal is now "Did you know that Clinton has an aid whose estranged husband uses e-mails?" Oh, the horror!

Why is the press salivating all over this story? Because Clinton's aid is estranged from her hubby because he is a sex addict. Did you catch that? The three most important letters in entertainment and news. S-E-X. In case you missed it, I will repeat that in big, bold letters.

S.E.X. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And there is a possibility that somewhere in those e-mails, there may be some reference to S-E-X. And the press will now be able to publish every S-E-X-y word on the front page by claiming that they are relevant to the presidential election.

Other weirdness---Comey has never actually read the e-mails. And, before he made his announcement about finding emails (he had never read that were not actually written by Clinton even though he characterized them as more Clinton emails) he notified Republican members of Congress so that they could get to work promoting this story.

So, whatever you do, do NOT sign the petition below asking for a Hatch Act violation investigation of Comey. Because if you do that, you will be telling the world that you are a stuck up prude who does not like S-E-X.

Oh, and did I mention that this story is about SEX?


October 30, 2016

James Comey, the Last Witch Hunter

Why, Comey? Why?

Why would an FBI director do what Comey did? Why trash what is left of his reputation in one huge, illegal, unethical, immoral political meltdown? Did he really think he could change the outcome of the presidential election this close to election day? Or, was the Republican controlled Congress feeling the heat from its corporate donors? "What do you mean you may lose control of Congress? No more Citizens United money for you, suckers!"

And so, did Republicans in Congress got their money simple little heads together and say "We've got to find a way to get out the base! But what can we promise them that will overcome their fear and loathing of Trump? Wait! We know! Endless Clinton investigations. Clinton hearings 24-7! The base loves those! And the press is up our you know whats since the Trumpster threatened to break up media empires. Gotta give the press something to chew on or they are gonna chew on Trump's bad hair and pussy grabbing tiny hands until there is nothing left. What does the press love? Clinton hearings! 24-7! Preferably with sex thrown in! Ok, who can get this ball rolling for us? Who, in our party still has any standing left after the last eight years?"

Comey is not throwing mud on the Clinton campaign. Comey is attempting to throw fresh kindling on the bonfire that is the GOP Clinton Witch Hunt. He is appealing to those Americans who view Clinton Investigations as the modern equivalent of Roman Gladiator battles. He does not want you to vote for Trump. He wants you to vote for the Witch Hunt. Because who needs a Legislative body that legislates when we can have a legislative body that persecutes?

"By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes." And it ain't Hillary Rodham Clinton.


“It is absolutely absurd that FBI Director Comey would support Donald Trump like this with only 11 days to go before the election,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. “It is an obvious attack from a lifelong Republican who used to serve in the Bush White House, just to undermine her campaign. Comey needs to focus on stopping terrorists and protecting America, not investigating our soon to be President-Elect Hillary Clinton.”

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