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McCamy Taylor

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 19,181

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Here is my fiction website: http://home.earthlink.net/~mccamytaylor/ My political cartoon site: http://www.grandtheftelectionohio.com/

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Finally humor from COVID 19. Trump send "cease and desist letter" to his big fat mouth.


This ad is nothing but Trump's unedited words about COVID 19. He should not be sending a cease and desist letter. He should be looking for that sock that the GOP used to keep around in order to plug up Rep. Dan Burton's mouth (when he got diarrhea of the mouth) in order to stop his own verbal diarrhea.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Mar 26, 2020, 12:16 PM (0 replies)

Trump's Declaration "Well by Easter" Spells Serfdom for Working Americans

Business owners are pissed. How dare city and state government tells them that they cannot run a titty bar or casino or Christian themed craft store (Hobby Lobby) during a pandemic! The nerve of them! It isn't as if the owners are at any risk. They can retreat to their summer homes in places like Nantucket to ride out COVID 19.

But their serfs are sitting at home, trying to stay alive and praying for extended unemployment benefits so they do not starve or lose their homes or cars. Ordinarily, hunger would drive many of these people back to work. However their kids have no school to attend--meaning no daycare, meaning that most minimum wage employees would see no net income if they had to pay for daycare in order to go back to work.

What happens if Trump declares "There is no emergency!"?

People will be forced back to work. They will not have the option of saying "No, I don't want to die!" Schools will be forced to reopen. Teachers will die. Malls will open. Salesclerks will die. (Trump) casinos will reopen. The maids who change your sheets (that we now know can harbor Covid 19 for up to 17 days!) will die. The stimulus money will not flow into workers hands, because there will be plenty of "safe" jobs for them---we know that they are "safe" because Dr. Trump says so.

The really insidious part of this--those who are 40 or older or who have underlying health problems will resist the call to return to their "safe" jobs. They will be declared AWOL and fired for cause--meaning no unemployment benefits. And then the employers will replace them with lots of workers in their older teens and early twenties--those who are least afraid of COVID 19. Meaning we will see a repeat of 2008 when employers used the recession as an excuse to enact "First hired first fired"--eliminate the job positions of those with seniority and chronic medical conditions so that the could replace them with a bunch of youngsters.

Here is an idea. If Trump decides to force all workers back to their jobs, the owners and CEOs and administrators should be placed on the front line, waiting tables, serving as airline stewards, teaching kindergarten classes. I want to see Trump changes sheets in one of his hotels.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Wed Mar 25, 2020, 09:49 AM (13 replies)

Why Do Casinos Need a Bailout?

What essential function do they serve? There are better ways to encourage tourism than feeding an addiction like gambling.


Shares of companies likely to receive bailouts, such as airlines, cruise lines and casinos, soared.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Wed Mar 25, 2020, 12:49 AM (7 replies)

Interesting article about neurological effects of coronavirus


I have a hypothesis that the sudden worsening that some patients experience at day 8 could be due to affects on the central nervous system triggering dysphasia—-difficulty swallowing which’s leads to aspiration which in turn can cause pneumonia and respiratory failure. Note the coronavirus can affect the medulla and strokes of this area can affect the ability to swallow safely.

What does this mean for those infected? Sleep with your head elevated to prevent aspiration at night, do not lie down immediately after you eat, eat small portions and consume a mechanical soft diet——yogurt, soup, while avoiding tough foods that could get stuck in the airway (like meat)

There is nothing dangerous about a diet designed to prevent aspiration and it could improve survival rates. Someone should do swallowing studies on people with Covid. They should also do demographic studies to see if the risk factors for aspiration—-neurological disease, frailty, obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse—-are also risk factors for Covid death.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Tue Mar 24, 2020, 01:44 AM (5 replies)

Fox is worried --about the health of the big corporate bailout.

After weeks of poo-pooing Corona-virus as democratic hoax, seven days ago, Fox's TuckereCarlson suddenly changed his tune.


Why? Could it be because the Senate was working to sell a huge "stimulus" package that would allow Trump to funnel half a trillion dollars to his friends in the casino industry, hotel industries as well as anyone else willing to kick back a portion of their "stimulus" to the RNC or directly into Trump's pocket? Maybe some of that money is earmarked for Fox.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Mon Mar 23, 2020, 07:55 PM (0 replies)

Why The Hell Is So Much Science Research Pay for View Only?

Seriously. I am trying to do my part as a physician who also has a masters public health to search the medial literature for hints about how COVID kills and how we could stop the deaths. However, I keep stumbling across roadblocks in the form of "You have to pay us if you want to read this." One article even blacked out most of the abstract! Grrr! How do you know if you want to pay for it if you don't know even know what the study is about?

I know what I have to do. I am part of a huge healthcare organization so I just have to sign up for our system's online library, something I have been putting off because it is a hassle. But what about people who are retired?

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Mar 21, 2020, 11:08 AM (12 replies)

(Since Barr and Mitch Will Protect Senate Insider Traders) The Solution Is....

Civil Suits.

Those who bought the dumped stocks should lawyer up and file civil suits. That will lead to a discovery phase and then when the entire federal government changes to Democratic next year, the prosecutors' job will be easier. This would be a very good place for Bloomberg to invest some of his billions that way the investors will not be limited to Pro bono attorneys.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Mar 21, 2020, 10:56 AM (0 replies)

Did Trump Shut Down Our Pandemic Response to Please Right to Life?

In particular, did the religious right take offense at efforts to prevent the spread of infectious killers because they feared that such efforts would causes countries to loosen restrictions against abortion and birth control? Did Trump shoot our country in both feet by crippling our ability to respond to global pandemics because abortion foes would rather see us all dead than have a meaningful debate on contraception?

Recall that the two biggest threats before Trump were Ebola and Zika. And Zika, in particular had the potential to become what rubella once was--a reason to make abortion a matter of choice not law due to the risk of birth defects in affected embryos.

(Before you report me for citing right wing sites, the whole point of this piece is to see if the Right objected to world pandemic public health planning in the years before Trump)

Here is an example:

There is nothing–nothing wonderful, nothing tragic, and nothing in-between–that the Abortion Lobby will not attempt to exploit to further its ever-expanding death agenda.


Here is another example:

The real dangers in this situation aren’t from a virus, they’re from the global penchant for using panic to push specific agendas, and an utter disdain for human life.


Here is a 2016 public health planning document about how we should respond to Zika. Notice how often the plan calls for improvement in family planning services.


Some in Congress delayed funding to fight Zika due to concerns that Planned Parenthood might benefit

The delay came out because of disagreement over side issues like funding for Planned Parenthood and whether the money should be considered "emergency" spending.


Trump is now claiming that he crippled our public health pandemic disease fighting readiness 1) to save money and 2) because it was part of Obama's legacy. But I think it was neither. I think that those who hate women and hate for women to have control over their own bodies persuaded him to do it because they would rather see us all dead than give a woman the right to choose. Meaning that Trump allowed politics to literally trump our health.

Right to Life (and the politicians who pander to you)---you are truly the agents of death and destruction.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Mar 15, 2020, 08:39 PM (9 replies)

How School Closings Will Affect the Economy

The tourism industry is being hit hard by coronavirus. So is the entertainment industry. However, the pain is about to get a lot worse. Even industries that will have to stay open--health care, police, grocery stores, drug stores, public safety, gas stations---because they are essential to our survival are about to take a big hit. That is because all across the nation, summer break is coming early--and working parents are not prepared.

Our local school is closing for two weeks--minimum. For those working parents with children aged 4 to 11 who rely upon school for day care so that they can work, this is going to be huge blow. An even bigger blow than not having paid sick leave. Most young adults will have only a mild bout of coronavirus and they may or may not choose to stay home. However, every working parent who suddenly has no day care will be unable to work. That means no paycheck whether or not they have paid sick leave at their job since jobs do not pay someone to stay home to take care of the kids.

Things we can expect to see happen

1) Lots of people with paid sick leave seeing their doctor (medical clinics will still be open) for work notes for bogus respiratory infections, flare ups of chronic back pain etc that will last exactly until their kid's school reopens. (Yes, this does happen. Every year at Spring Break I see a certain number of working parents who "get sick" for exactly one week). The medical system is already over strained but it will get worse as health care facilities become both understaffed (see 4 below) and demand for medical services will rise.

2) Grandparents and elderly relatives enlisted to do child care--meaning more exposure to infectious disease for our most vulnerable

3) Unlicensed daycare--lots of kids crowded together in squalid circumstances for those parents who have no paid sick leave defeating the purpose for closing schools (preventing spread of disease)

4) And most devastating of all, lots of absences of nurses, phlebotomist, janitorial staff, clerks, public safety workers--those who will not be furloughed from their jobs because their jobs are essential. This means that attempting to get health care, fill a prescription or stock the pantry will become even more challenging in the weeks to come. And even some discretionary industries (like nail salons, clothing retailers etc) will be hit as their workers are forced to call in for "No daycare"

If Trump and Pence were not such idiots, this would not have happened. Trump actually insisted upon bringing coronavirus to this country and also insisted that we would not test for it or have any public health policy in place to deal with it.

Some have called this "Trump's Katrina." This is much worse than Katrina.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Mar 15, 2020, 06:20 PM (1 replies)

How Much Money Does Trump Plan to Give Himself as "Tourism Bailout"?

We are about to witness the biggest scam ever conceived in this country. I predict it will be bigger than Enron. US tourism generates over $1.5 trillion a years and gives us millions of jobs.
In comparison , Enron earned a measly $800 million in 1999 and only had $60 billion in assets. And yet, the Bush administration engineered a war with Afghanistan so that they could propose a massive bailout for Enron (which died in the US Democratic senate spelling Enron's doom).

If Enron was bad, the Corona Virus Tourism Bailout will be the Death Star of scams.

I can see it now. Casino owners down on their knees in front of Jared Kushner vowing that they will give Trump a "cut" of their government bailout. Plus, since most of Trump's holdings are vacation related, he will be able to get a big piece of the bailout pie. He can withhold funds from his political enemies--California comes to mind. He can threaten to withhold funds from the state of New York if they do not shut down the various state investigations of his criminal business activity.Need the mayor of a major Democratic enclave in a Red state to shut down most of the polls on election day? Give him a Corona Virus Tourism Bailout! It will be just like withholding military aid to the Ukraine.

Why is this man smiling? Because he is a fucking conman who is about to fleece the United States.

Just say no to the Corona Virus Tourism Bailout. Instead, I suggest that the House quickly draft legislation to extend unemployment insurance benefits for the workers who are laid off from their tourism industry jobs.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Fri Mar 6, 2020, 07:41 PM (6 replies)
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