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McCamy Taylor

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 07:05 PM
Number of posts: 16,785

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Here is my fiction website: http://home.earthlink.net/~mccamytaylor/ My political cartoon site: http://www.grandtheftelectionohio.com/

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Every Republican Who Is Stonewalling the Investigation is Being Blackmailed By Russia

Period. There is no other reason for people like Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell to protect Russia/Flynn/Trump unless they are also protecting themselves. Note that McCain is calling for an investigation. As a former presidential candidate he has been vetted. I am betting that there are a lot of kinky secrets in the GOP Congressional closet and Putin knows them all.

You hear that journalists? Get to work uncovering the dirt. You already know where to look. Start with every Republican who has loudly defended Russia and Trump in the last few days. I will bet that they all got secret calls from the Kremlin telling them "Do what we tell you or else."

Should we start a contest to see what Mitch McConnel's secret will be? I think he likes to get tied up and beaten by a hot chick in leather. But it could be diapers.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Wed Feb 15, 2017, 08:40 PM (47 replies)

Boycott Exxon.

Dudes, the GOP is never ever gonna investigate Trump. They will bury the whole thing for fear that any dirt they uncover will stick to them. The only way to get rid of Trump is to apply economic pressure to the folks who stand to gain from his treason.

Exxon is number one.

I call upon all concerned Americans to boycott Exxon until we have a president and secretary of state not in the pocket of Putin/Exxon. No Democrat should be caught dead at an Exxon station. No woman who respects herself should fill up at Exxon.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Tue Feb 14, 2017, 11:52 PM (8 replies)

Members of the Press Who Want to Be the Next Woodward/Bernstein...

Yes, I am talking to you. All of you. You all want to write the book and be portrayed in the movie. You all know that Trump is corrupt as hell and guilty as sin. You just have to find the Deep Throat or the Smoking Gun.

Right now, the members of the press are engaged in a scavenger hunt. Who will be the one to pull the linchpin that brings the tower down? They are looking under every rock, talking to every disgruntled former and soon to be former Trump staffer, courting the members of the intelligence community. It is just a matter of time....

....which some Americans do not have. In the weeks to months that it could take to get the carpetbaggers out of office, sick people will die without their health insurance and mosques will be torched by NeoNazis and our water and air will get dirtier and refugees will be sent home to die at the hands of death squads.

So, in an effort to speed things up a bit, I am going to offer a little advice. Think Citizens United. Trump was never supposed to win. On election night, when they told him, he looked scared. For just a moment. Why? I am fairly sure that he took a lot of money from various special interests. One of them was Russia. That's why an Exxon executive is now our Secretary of State. Every cabinet position was sold to the highest bidder during the election. The same for the SCOTUS seat. That is why he was quick to name so many obviously unsuited industry insiders to positions where they were going to cause nothing but grief for the country--and make a few rich people even richer. The quid pro quo may be disguised behind a shit storm of right wing ideology. But keep your eyes and ears open, and you will figure out who paid to be given the right to control each branch of the federal government. That person or corporation or industry or even country will make a bundle of money in the very near future----near future because Trump does not look like he will last out the year, and these folks intend to get their money's worth for their legal bribes.

The easiest one to spot will be whatever lucky construction company wins the right to take home billions in pork for building the stupid wall between Texas and Mexico that no one wants (except the construction company that paid Trump to have it built). There will be a pretend open bid process and then the company that paid the bribe will get the contract--maybe making the bid through another company to muddy the waters a bit. So, whoever collects the money to build the wall is guilty as hell. We already know that. Unless Trump wants to give back the money. And if he was in any position to give back any money, he would not be clinging so hard to his business empire.

And thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States for making the job of running for president so lucrative that one of the nation's biggest con artists could not resist giving it a try.You idiots have destroyed your own party and possibly even your own country. Maybe next time the so called New Federalists come up with some bright idea to improve upon what the Founders did, they will think back to Citizens United.

PS I found a link to a copy of an old DU Journal I wrote Feb. 2010. We all remember what happened in early 2010, don't we? I called it Democracy in America (1787-2010) RIP It closes with:

Bought and sold, that describes our Congress, our president, our Supreme Court. Welcome to the New Federalist United States. If it seems strangely familiar, that might be because it resembles Mussolini’s Italy, a land where corporations ruled and everyone else paid.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini ...

Sometimes I hate when time proves me correct.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Feb 12, 2017, 11:21 PM (5 replies)

Gimme Shelter: "You Are Never Gonna See Your Kids Again"

“I’m not exaggerating, 100% of the clients that come to me who are undocumented said that their abusers would constantly say, ‘I’m going to have you deported if you don’t behave,’” said Hollingsworth.

Other threats include: “You are never going to see your American-born children ever again. I’m going to call ICE and they are going to pick you up. Don’t call the police because they are going to pick you up, they are not going to come after me,” she added.


This is why the United States grants special visas to victims of crimes including victims of rape and domestic violence. This is why we need "sanctuary cities" where parents can report the statutory rape of their daughter or son without worry that their own families will be torn apart. This is all that stands between Trump's self-styled "outlaw" base and intimidation/violence/rape and murder of innocents who are easy targets because they are "illegal."

In Maricopa County, Arizona, the Justice Department has been investigating the sheriff’s office for engaging in unconstitutional policing, in particular how it treats Latinos in the community. Amid the investigation, the DOJ said the sheriff’s office admitted that it had failed to properly investigate more than 400 cases of sexual assault and child molestation over a three-year period in 2007. In many of the cases, the sexual assault victims were undocumented Latinos or their children.

The failure to investigate these crimes came as the department pursued an aggressive campaign of arresting Latinos who were in the country illegally.

Trump does not even have to change policy. The recent rise in deportations of immigrants is enough to send a powerful message to their community. And if immigrants--documented or not--are afraid turn to local law enforcement for help when they are victimized, it will be open season on immigrants. The NeoNazis and KKK and all their sympathizers will deliberately target hand working undocumented Americans---and there will be nothing the immigrants (who pick your crops and bus your tables and clean your Trump Tower hotel room) will be able to do about it. When you close the sanctuary, you enable criminals--born in the USA criminals, the kind that love Trump so much--to do what they love to do, bully the weak to make themselves feel more powerful.

Keep in mind that Putin, Trump's master, lives in a country that recently decriminalized domestic violence, and you can see where this country is heading. Back to the days when immigrants were openly lynched. Note the faces of the men in the photo below. Today we would call them "white". A century ago they were "Italian" immigrants.

Trump’s supporters do not fear immigrants. They hate them. They hate them because they hate themselves, and it is easier to take out all that rage and frustration on someone else---an “other.” And they love Trump, because he is giving them carte blanche to victimize immigrants as long as they do not upset the apple cart that makes rich Americans even richer. Fascism 101.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Feb 12, 2017, 01:06 PM (5 replies)

Out of All Trump's Recent Meltdowns, Innocence-gate Is the Most Dangerous---For Him

Alec Baldwin was great. Melissa McCarthy was wonderful! Bowling Green Massacre is timeless. But in between chuckles, if you really want to understand what is going on rather than just being entertained by it, Eric Hobsbawm is still your man. Read his book "Bandits" available at Amazon and you will understand why Trump's gaffe "You think the U.S. is so innocent?" is worse for him politically than all his lies, tax dodging, angry outbursts and bigotry. There are very few things that a self styled Bandit King is not allowed to do. The list includes Cowardice (Think Stephen King's "The Dead Zone."), Rape (of an innocent, not promiscuity which is a virtue in a Rebel King) and Disloyalty to his village, his clan, his family or country. So, if you want to do more than generate laughs, if you really want to drive a wedge between the man and his base, focus on these three crimes. If you don't want to read the book, think about every mobster as public hero number one movie and ask yourself "If a mob boss did this in a movie, would a Hollywood writer have to kill him off before film's end to keep the audience happy?"


"You think the U.S. is so innocent?" is the kind of thing that lefties will hesitate to focus on, because many of them know that U.S. is not innocent. No one is innocent, especially not those who are rich in a world full of poverty. But, Trump crawled into power and stays in power by pretending to be Don Corleono. Mob bosses and Revel Kings hold onto their power by painting the world in black and white---Us versus Them.

How will you know when Trump steps out of characters in a potentially politically damaging way?Ask yourself "Would Al Pacino say this?"

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Feb 5, 2017, 01:44 PM (0 replies)

Scary Math: Trump Copies Hitler + Attacks the Courts +Declares Himself Above the Law Equals WAR!


The New York Times headline spells it out in plain English "Trump Attacks Judge."

In an early-morning Twitter post from his waterfront Florida resort, where he is spending the first getaway weekend of his presidency, Mr. Trump wrote, “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!

On Friday night, the White House said it would direct the Justice Department to file for an emergency stay of the ruling, by Judge James Robart of Federal District Court in Seattle, that would allow continued enforcement of the president’s order.

Judge Robart, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, declared in his order that “there’s no support” for the administration’s argument that “we have to protect the U.S. from individuals” from the affected countries, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya.

"Overturned" by whom? Not the Courts. Every court so far has ruled against Trump and the 8 member SCOTUS will be no different. So, how does Trump, leader of the executive branch plan to "overturn" a ruling by the judicial branch which has been empowered to oversee the Department of Justice and the nation's police?

History spells it out. Hitler, outraged that the German Judicial system failed to serve as a kangaroo court for the defendants in the Reichstags Fire, created a special "People's Court."


Hitler determined to increase the political reliability of the courts. In 1933 he established special courts throughout Germany to try politically sensitive cases. Dissatisfied with the 'not guilty' verdicts rendered by the Supreme Court (Reichsgericht) in the Reichstag Fire Trial, Hitler ordered the creation of the People's Court (Volksgerichtshof) in Berlin in 1934 to try treason and other important "political cases." Under Roland Freisler, the People's Court became part of the Nazi system of terror, condemning tens of thousands of people as "Volk Vermin" and thousands more to death for "Volk Treason." The trial and sentencing of those accused of complicity in the July Plot, the attempt to kill Hitler in July 1944, was especially unjust.

After the war, prominent Nazi jurists like Curt Rothenberger, Franz Schlegelberger, and Josef Altstoetter were tried in the Jurists' Trial of the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings on charges of "judicial murder" and other atrocities.

Political reliability. That's what Trump wants. He has the Legislative Branch in his pocket and now he is going after the Judiciary. What will he do? Have Congress reduce the judges' salaries to $1? No, that won't work. There is only one way he can achieve his goal--- declare war so that he can set up special military courts and secret prisons to dispense politically reliable justice.

I humbly suggest that we skip over the part where millions of people die in a senseless war, our national debt goes up by ten trillion and a bunch of military tribunals replace our nation's judiciary and condemn thousands of Americans to suffering and death before being disbanded after a crushing military defeat or revolution. Maybe we should act pro actively, instead, to preserve our very sound, very sensible, very judicious judicial system and our democratic form of government.

War is coming. Be alert. Watch for the early warning signs---like Trump declaring himself to be "our country" and above the law. We all saw in 2002-3 how easy it is to sucker Americans into war. Do not be fooled again. When they show us "yellow cake uranium" tell them where they can put their "yellow cake uranium."

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Feb 4, 2017, 04:34 PM (7 replies)

While We are Distacted by "Bowling Green Massacre", Putin Wants Trump to Help Him Invade Poland

This ought to be a huge story. Trump's folks are asking for phony intelligence about Poland invading Belarus. Think "yellow cake uranium." Why would Trump want intelligence about Poland invading Belarus? So Putin can invade Poland.

According to one U.S. official, national security aides have sought information about Polish incursions in Belarus, an eyebrow-raising request because little evidence of such activities appears to exist. Poland is among the Eastern European nations worried about Trump's friendlier tone on Russia.


It is very easy to laugh at the "Bowling Green Massacre." But between chuckles be sure to gnash your teeth and let your elected officials know that you are not on board with a Russian invasion of Poland that Trump's U.N. nominee will approve by preventing any U.N. action in defense of Poland.

Thanks to highplainsdem for highlighting this story at DU! Now go rate his/her post up so that it will get more attention.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Feb 4, 2017, 03:46 PM (10 replies)

Can Anyone Who Graduated "With Honors" Really Be as Dumb as Kelly Anne Conway?

Serious questions. Unless she lied and cheated her way through college and then law school, I don't see how any one can be a stupid as this woman wants us to think she is. "Alternative facts"? "Bowling Green Massacre?" These are worse than Ann Coulter at her worst (When she praised our Canadian allies who fought beside U.S. troops in Vietnam. Guess that's why Canada accepted so many draft dodgers during the Vietnam War.)

So, consider this possibility. Maybe Conway, who used to work for Mike Pence still works for Pence. Maybe she has dyed her hair blond and come up with a bunch of outrageous things to say that will make Donald Trump look like an incompetent who has a dumb blond for a top adviser. Her Orwellian remarks in particular made Americans feel even more unsafe and has probably contributed to the whopping 40% who want to see Trump impeached.

Consider the possibility that Kelly Anne Conway is Mike Pence's Nancy Reagan. Or maybe his Lady Macbeth. Does the POTUS employ a food taster to check for drugs in the coffee?

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Feb 4, 2017, 03:30 PM (22 replies)

If You Want to Understand Trumps Continued Appeal to His Base, Read Bandits by Eric Hobsbawm

Here, I’ll make it easy for you. This is the Amazon link.


Too bad it isn’t on Kindle, then you could get to work right away delving into the minds of the people who still think the sun shines from Trump’s ass two weeks into his administration when his disapproval rating is greater than 50% and 40% of registered voters want him impeached!

With so many people so very, very angry and afraid of Trump, why do your relatives who watch Fox News still cheer for him? Are they stupid? Are they being paid? No, they belong to subset of Americans who read and hear the same news that you and I read and hear and react to it in an entirely different way.

These are the American peasants, rural downtrodden workers (and by “rural” l I mean “small minded” not small town) who dream about an idyllic past when everything was peachy for them and the tiny group with whom they identify---usually their family, maybe their church or social circle or profession or town if they really are from a small town. And then, the snakes crawled into Eden and stole their birthright, and they were cast from the garden. Now, helpless, friendless, hopeless, all they can do is pray that someone---a King will come to stamp out the snakes and restore their Eden. And, since the “snakes” have official titles like “officer” and “boss” and “judge”, the King will have to be a rebel. He will have to be willing to break the law, like Jesus in the Temple. He will have to be a Bandit King.

For Trump’s supporters, up is down and right is wrong. Trump’s supporters are the kind of folks who automatically cheat on their taxes, steal internet access, leave their bills unpaid, file frivolous lawsuits. Lying comes as naturally to them as breathing. That’s because they know in their hearts that there is something wrong with the world. In a just and right world, they would be happy. If they are not happy, then something is wrong with the world, not them. And their religion---apocalyptic—teaches them that it is right and virtuous to destroy anything that makes them unhappy or even uneasy. Make that anything they do not understand.
Here is a quick list of things which Trump’s base do not consider sins in a Bandit King.



4. Being Spiteful

5 .Lavish Spending

6. Crimes

7. Lies

8. Promiscuity

9. Vulgarity

10. Poaching public lands

11. Bigotry

12 .Egotism

Note that much of what normal people hate about Trump’s first 14 days falls into one of these categories. We hate his bigotry towards Muslims and Latinos and women. We hate his lies. We despise his massive ego. We cringe whenever he tramples over the rule of law. His tweets are infuriating. The way he openly profits from his position of power, the way he rewards his family and friends—to ordinary, reasonable Americans these are the signs of an unfit political leader. We worry that he will lead us into war. We worry that he will kill us or bankrupt us. We worry that the world as we know it will come to an end on a whim of the enormous man-child whom the Russians have installed as our president.

But to one of the peasants who has been longing for the coming of the Bandit King, these vices are all virtues.

What would make the peasants change their minds? Very few things, actually. Bandit Kings are cut lots of slack. However, even Bandit Kings have to follow certain rules. Trump’s base will abandon him if he is ever proven to be guilty of

1. Rape

2. Cowardice

3. Injustice (towards his supporters )

4. Being stingy (towards his supporters)

5. Double dealing and backstabbing (his supporters)

Not much to work with, I know. Journalists who really want to drive a wedge between Trump and his base should probably concentrate on how individual hardworking Americans are suffering from Trump’s policies. But be warned. Bandit Kings have a nasty habit of dying and turning into legends.

P.S. Note that the Evangelicals who are hoping Trump will bring Armageddon only showed signs of abandoning him in the primaries over one thing--the whole "pussy grabbing" affair that was awfully close to rape. But then the FBI and the MSM got the topic of conversation back to Hillary the Witch's Emails and the Evangelicals forgot about the rape. The way to knock Trump out of power is to prove a rape allegation.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Fri Feb 3, 2017, 09:59 PM (4 replies)

What Will Happen When Trump Tries to Declare Martial Law?

He has defied the Judicial Branch. He has fired the acting Attorney General---which is actually worse than Nixon's infamous Saturday Night Massacre (that was just a Special Prosecutor, not the Prosecutor for the whole country). He is rewriting legislation, which means he is trampling all over the legislative branch--although the Republican wimps in Congress are pretending not to notice (must be some pretty bad blackmail material that Putin has on them). He is threatening to stifle the press and impose a state religion. And his popularity is in the toilet, all in a brief 9 days. One in 100 American marched against him a week ago. At the rate he is going, soon one in two Americans will have protested him---the half that do not picket being too young or too old or too sick to take to the streets.

Where does this all end? Trump has backed himself into a corner and has only one play left. He can declare martial law. What will the military do when this happens? I am predicting that all those generals whose asses he has been kissing (see link)


will give him a big "Hell, no!"

Note that I did not write "if". That is because he is obviously planning a military coup. Why else would he be making so cozy with the Pentagon while taking a big Trump Dump all over everyone else?

I suspect that Putin told him "Get the military in your pocket, then you can do anything you want." Putin does not know the U.S. and he does not know the U.S. military. We swear to defend the Constitution, not the person who happens to be acting as President.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Tue Jan 31, 2017, 08:15 PM (19 replies)
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