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McCamy Taylor

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 06:05 PM
Number of posts: 17,859

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Here is my fiction website: http://home.earthlink.net/~mccamytaylor/ My political cartoon site: http://www.grandtheftelectionohio.com/

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It Will Not Take 67 Senators to Take Down Kavanaugh. Here Is Why

Everyone seems to assume that Supreme Court Justices have the same immunity from criminal prosecution that the POTUS has. And that they keep that immunity for life. And therefore, the only way they can be punished for their crimes is if 67 members of the US Senate agree that they should be punished for their crimes.

However, a Supreme Court Justice is not exempt from criminal prosecution. And it is a crime to lie to Congress--a crime that can get one jail time. Kavanaugh has lied to Congress. That much is fairly certain. The moment that the DOJ is no longer controlled by the Russian Mob, the attorney general can prosecute him. For perjury. For conspiracy to hack and distribute stolen e-mails. Hell, for all we know Mueller has dirt on him and is waiting for him to land in a position of power before making his first move--the more a potential defendant has to lose the more willing he will be to rat out his co-conspirators.

The GOP is taking a huge chance trying to force someone as dirty as Kavanaugh down America's throat. They would be smarter to look for some squeaky clean conservative jurist with no political ties. And Kavanaugh is a fool if he thinks that once he gets on the Court his life will be easy. On the contrary, he will have a great big "Prosecute me" sign on his back.

Once the senate confirms him, the real fun will begin.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Fri Sep 7, 2018, 10:27 PM (27 replies)

The Traitor in Chief Must Go

Donald Trump has made the office of the president of the United States a joke.

The close proximity of his pudgy little finger to the "red button" inspires fear.

He has crippled our national security.

He has destroyed our children's economic future with his crushing national debt.

He is obviously senile and possibly deranged. If he feels threatened, there is no telling what he might do. And a fair election will almost certainly put his illegal presidency in jeopardy, meaning that he will stop at nothing to stop the election. Many schools are polling places. Do we really want a man who refuses to condemn the NRA and school shooters to be in charge of enforcing the law this fall when the easiest way to shut down the polls will be to encourage homegrown right wing extremists to attack polling places that just happen to also be schools (a real two-fer for the right wing)? Do we?

This is not tin foil. This is not conspiracy theory. Some schools are already closing on election day. They see the writing on the wall, and they don't want to put children in harm's way. But what does it say about our country that the democratic process puts the lives of kids in danger? This is not right.

The Traitor in Chief must go.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Wed Aug 15, 2018, 08:02 PM (6 replies)

Beto does not pander. Beto shows that Democrats are not afraid of ethnic diversity.

In particular, not afraid of Latino culture--the same culture that the Republicans have been trying to cast as "dirty", "disease ridden", "sex crazed"--and all the other adjectives that Nazis employed when they tried to gin up fear of Jewish people in Germany in order to facilitate their fascist coup.

A certain self-styled "progressive" political pundit recently accused Beto of attempting to "pander" to Hispanic voters through his use of his own nickname. Not going to give the self styled progressive's name or a link, because he does not deserve the attention. Just some criticism. Never mind that he is repeating a Ted Cruz talking point. He misses the real point, which is that for centuries, people from non-Anglo cultures have attempted to make themselves less threatening to their fellow Americans by adopting Anglo names, clothes, habits.

Well, some of us Americans are just not that enthused by Anglo culture. Some of us like cultural diversity. Some of us do not vote for people from other ethnic groups despite their differences but because of their differences---America is great because the melting pot has absorbed so many different cultures, so many different ways to do things, so many different potential solutions to the many problems that afflict humanity.

Diversity is the key to survival. Charles Darwin taught us that. Incest---basically, what the White-pride wing of the Republican Party is all about--means slow death of the species through failure to adapt. The same principle holds true on a socio-economic level.

When Beto runs for Senate using his actual nickname that he acquired while growing up in El Paso, Texas, he is not pandering. He is saying that Democrats are not afraid to be ourselves--and "ourselves" is not just the blood that flows in our veins, it is the neighborhoods where we grew up, it is our neighbors, our schools, our friends.

Beto does not pander. Beto empowers. Beto is the antidote to fear.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Jul 28, 2018, 09:29 AM (8 replies)

How to Protect the Urban Vote

Russia can win if it targets the urban vote.

1) Total vote tabulations in some precincts can be erased so that incumbents get to stay in office even though the polls showed them losing. A Russian hack can do this easily and with e-voting and no paper trail there will be no recount. Do this enough times and the GOP can maintain narrow control of the House.

2) In cases in which the seat is held by a Democrat but the state has a GOP governor and Secretary of State, they can declare that the seat is now "vacant" and the governor can install a selected Republican with plans to hold a special election "once the cause of the hack has been determined." I.e. never.

3) Trump can declare "martial law" in major urban areas that will influence the vote on election day in key districts. Not too many, but one or two, where it counts the most.

4) Right wing groups or Russian posing as right wing groups can make bomb threats at polling places in urban areas on election day. By attacking an urban polling place (anthrax mail, letter bomb) during early voting, Russia can make this type of threat even more effective so look for some kind of "terror threat" in later October. Again, in an urban area key to the Dem's chances of winning an election. This can easily be combined with 3. Trump can send in troops to "protect" the polls but in fact the troops will make it impossible for anyone to get to the polls.

5) Cyber attacks targeting utilities and mass transit in urban areas will also be part of Russia's plan. Keep people from the polls.

Note that any political strategist can easily figure out which urban areas are the most important to Democratic chances. I suggest getting prepared in advance. These places will have Democratic councils and mayors. Have local law enforcement create plans to protect the polls and enlist the FBI IN ADVANCE. That way, when the "home grown terra group" makes its move, the plan can be implemented and Trump can be told "We have this under control." As for number 5, make sure that urban areas publicize early voting and make it as easy as possible to early vote. And for number 1 and 2 create a back up paper trail for the urban vote. Cities have the money and the power. They can resist. They just need to be prepared.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Jul 26, 2018, 12:32 PM (1 replies)

"It's not right to send people to hell."


When Elin Ersson learned that an Afghan man was scheduled to be deported from Sweden on Monday, she bought a ticket for the same flight. Once she boarded the plane at Gothenburg airport, Ersson refused to take her seat, standing in the aisle, until the 52-year-old deportee was released.

Her dramatic act of civil disobedience, which she live-streamed on Facebook in English, forced the flight to be delayed by two hours, according to Swedavia, the company that operates the airport. Ultimately, her efforts succeeded — at least for the time being. The Afghan deportee was escorted off the plane before it took off.


“I’m trying to change my country’s rules,” she responds. “It’s not right to send people to hell.”

“But you’re preventing all these customers from going to their destination,” the man says.

Which destination is that? Why don't people understand that the human race is one race? If we send one man (or family or child) to hell, we all go to hell.
Posted by McCamy Taylor | Wed Jul 25, 2018, 07:24 AM (4 replies)

Any Church That Would Have THIS WOMAN Teach a Sunday School Class....

...is a travesty of Christianity and Jesus weeps tears of blood every time that woman opens her mouth as she did in this Washington Post piece about why members of the religious right are willing to forgive Trump for his crotch grabbing and lies in exchange for his embrace of white supremacy .

“Slaves were valued,” she said. “They got housing. They got fed. They got medical care.”


What does "morality" mean to the Christian Coalition?
Answer: apparently it means owning slaves who will do all the hard work while you laze on the front porch sipping mint juleps and living the easy life.

I hope THIS WOMAN is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. The things people will say to get their pictures in the newspaper! Not writing her name. It is better not to post the names of serial killers and other moral reprobates--it encourages others to follow their example.


Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Jul 22, 2018, 06:44 PM (35 replies)

A Murderous Russia Thug, His US Lackey, 8500 Nukes and Smallpox Virus--the Axis of Armageddon

What do you get when you cross President Putin (who is so "extremely powerful and strong" ) with President Trump (who is so very weak and cowardly)? You get essentially all the world's nuclear weapons and biologic weapons and chemical weapons in the hands of a single dictator and his henchman.

No wonder the evangelicals and the Neo-Nazis and the trailer park failures who hate their miserable, squalid lives love Trump. All of them are dreaming of the end of the world. They want to die--and they want to take everyone else with them, because when you hate yourself that much, you hate everyone else, too.

We are the Axis of Evil, people. It is our job to resist. For the sake of the entire planet. Just like the members of the White Rose in Nazi Germany. Except that our job is easier, because we still have a vote--if we get off our asses and use it.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Thu Jul 19, 2018, 09:08 PM (0 replies)

Trump:"President Putin was extremely strong and powerful"

And we all know that Trump is a two timing, self serving, cowardly, flunky who sucks up to strong and powerful men.


Posted by McCamy Taylor | Mon Jul 16, 2018, 09:24 PM (16 replies)

Donald Trump Is a Snitch, a Coward and a Flunky

Trump Inc. is a carefully constructed illusion, a maverick businessman who breaks the rules, does things his own way, battles the establishment but always comes out on top. To believe his own pr he is at once Gary Cooper from High Noon, John Wayne from Rio Bravo, Al Pacino from Scarface and Orson Welles from Citizen Kane. He is 110% machismo. He is the original Breaking Bad. He is Wayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Comacho from Idiocracy He is the president who best represents all the Americans who feel that they have gotten a bum deal in the USA--including more than a few citizens of color, because citizens of color are especially likely to distrust the police and prosecutors and the FBI---

And if you believe all this, Trump has a bridge,a condo and a "virgin" from Eastern Europe he would like to sell you.

1. Trump Was a Snitch. For the FBI. Against the very Mob that he used to do things like hire illegal polish immigrant workers who were forced to labor without safety gear for less than minimum wage building his NY properties. When the kitchen got too hot, did he stand behind the mobsters who got him started? Hell no.

From the beginning, Trump tried to have it both ways. While he leveraged Roy Cohn’s mob contacts in New York, he was telling the FBI he wanted nothing to do with organized crime in Atlantic City, and even proposed putting an undercover FBI agent in his casinos. In April of 1981, when he was considering building a New Jersey casino, he expressed concern about his reputation in a meeting with the FBI, according to an FBI document in my possession and which the site Smoking Gun also posted. “Trump advised Agents that he had read in the press media and had heard from various acquaintances that Organized Crime elements were known to operate in Atlantic City,” the FBI recorded. “Trump also expressed at this meeting the reservation that his life and those around him would be subject to microscopic examination. Trump advised that he wanted to build a casino in Atlantic City but he did not wish to tarnish his family’s name.”


What do you call someone who makes money through his mob connections but also rats them out at the very same time to stay out of jail? Hint, it rhymes with bitch. What kind of idiot trusts a guy who is willing to play both sides like that to look after the safety and well being of a whole country full of strangers whom he has never met and will never know? I will give you a hint. It rhymes with fucker.

2. Trump Went to Military School but when it came time to join up, this athlete (who once broke a friend's baseball bat beside he struck out, meaning he was not used to striking out) suddenly developed a case of cold feet. Excuse me, flat feet. How many members of Trump's base lost relatives in Vietnam? How many had relatives come back with PTSD or with other wounds that changed their lives forever? Trump is a coward. A coward afraid of physical pain. When he had plastic surgery to remove a portion of his scalp with a bald spot, he found the procedure painful. So, he pulled out a hunk of his wife, Ivanka's hair, because she was the one who recommend the plastic surgeon to him. What kind of brave hero does that? The man is a coward. He will never take a bullet for anyone. Or even for himself look how fast this man with "flat feet" jumps when someone approaches the stage. And how his tiny fingers dig into the arms of the secret service agents. Cool under fire he is not.

3. Trump sucks up to a foreign dictator. Do not be fooled. Vladimir Putin is no outlaw, no hero fighting for justice for an oppressed people. This man is The Man. He has his own police force, his own prisons. If you are a member of the political opposition, he can have you thrown into prison or killed. He invades foreign countries. He covets even more foreign countries---right now he is conducting war games on the borders of the Baltic States at the same time that Trump is threatening to dissolve NATO and refusing to answer the question of whether to US will come to the aid of the people of Lavtia, Estonia and Lithunia if Russia invades. Trump is Putin's poodle. His bitch. Trump is a flunky.

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sun Jul 15, 2018, 06:29 PM (4 replies)

Boots Riley: A Marxist with a Sense of Humor and a Great New Film, "Sorry to Bother You"

Boots Riley, From the New York Times

Riley connects with others easily, on the street and in his art — he has been writing rhymes about radical politics long enough to know how to frame ideas in punchy, compelling language. It’s a skill at the intersection of activism and art-making, which is where he sits. In high school, when he still went by his given name, Ray, he acted in student plays and danced at talent shows. (During a senior trip, where he wore a pair of brown Florsheim boots, his schoolmates gave him his nickname.) He also joined the Progressive Labor Party, at 15, and worked to unionize California farmworkers, linking up with “Mexican dudes who came to the Central Valley with the purpose of fomenting revolution, doing work in the fields — the literal fields. They had a vision that wasn’t new, but it was new to me, about how you could create a mass radical movement step by step.”

His conviction, forged in the P.L.P., is that as long as politicians are beholden to big-money “puppeteers,” the best strategy for change is to bypass the puppets and directly threaten the string-pullers’ economic interests, through work stoppages — the one radical act, perhaps, that entrenched power can’t co-opt. “It affected me because it wasn’t this vague notion of ‘change the world,’ ” he said of his time among the farmworkers. “It was, ‘Here’s a way things can happen.’ ” After that he became an advocate for Palestinian rights and a prominent member of the Occupy movement, helping Oakland residents to protest home foreclosures. In the wake of the Ferguson protests and amid the rise of Black Lives Matter, Riley, in an interview with “Democracy Now!” disputed the notion that “all you need to do is get your voice in the streets and things will change,” describing mere attempts to “shame power into action” as ineffectual. Rather, he argued that demonstrators should “combine social movements with the ability to withhold our labor” in order to “give social movements teeth.”


"Sorry to Bother You" From the New York Times

But Mr. Riley isn’t constructing yet another postmodern playhouse out of borrowings and allusions. He’s building a raft, and steering it straight into the foaming rapids of racism, economic injustice and cultural conflict.

This film is laugh out loud funny and WTF funny and jaw dropping funny and scary funny--which is hard to do when you are dealing with class struggle in America and the way that corporate bosses pit racial and ethnic groups against each other to divide and conquer workers. This film is not like any other American film you have ever seen. Europe, of course, has "Sweet Movie" and others which have raised the What the Fuck bar so high that no American film will ever top them--though here is hoping that American film makers try.


For any who are not convinced that the struggle for racial justice is the same as the struggle for economic justice I have two questions:

1) Which Americans were the only Americans willing to defend the Scottsboro Boys (Black teenagers accused of raping white women in Alabama in 1931). Answer, the American Communist Party

2) What group was Reverend King in Memphis to support when he was gunned down? Answer, striking Black sanitation workers.

And now, some music from The Coup

Posted by McCamy Taylor | Sat Jul 14, 2018, 08:50 PM (4 replies)
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