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Omaha Steve

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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 06:03 PM
Number of posts: 65,757

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Nature pix including a few for your dog (squirrel) and a rare for our area bird (dial up warning)

We have our first oriole. An orchard oriole. I've seen him twice. But he hasn't landed on the feeder yet when I've been looking. Humming birds will be here any day. I'll have more photos soon.

Remember I mentioned we have a feeder just for the squirrels and they get one ear of corn a day? http://www.democraticunderground.com/10027764737#post20

These photos show one taking it back to the nest. He carried it in his mouth over 70 feet along the top of the fence. Caught this by accident.

I took these through the patio door. I didn't want to scare the poor thing so I didn't get the shot of it jumping over to the tree from the fence. That empty green feeder is a squirrel feeder. Don't worry. I took more out.

Originally I was shooting through the fence. Autofocus keep focusing on the fence. Then it flew up over the fence and landed on the flower on this side. What a ham.

Remember the snow photo and the finches had no color?

Winter lack of color shot.

Three years ago we had two close up photos of a male Black-headed Grosbeak below.

Marta has been so sick we don't have the birdcam up yet. Here is a female Black-headed Grosbeak next to the Cardinal. She is a couple hundred miles east of her range.

A couple finches waiting their turn above the feeder.

PLEASE, I need some help from my DU friends UPDATE

Update: Thank you all so much. We finished dinner. Came down to the family room to watch Jeopardy. At the commercial I told her to check trending now. She will keep coming back every so often to see newer replies.

Marta has been very sick. She is really feeling down. Please post a get well message reply.

Thank you!


We had friends over for food and drinks yesterday, and the boys started showing off naturally

Clowns, birders creep us out – and a study found out why


POSTED: SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2016 1:00 AM
The Washington Post

Here’s what most American bird-watchers are, according to a 2013 government study: White, older than 45, fairly well-off and highly educated.

Here’s what many people think bird-watchers are: Creepy.

That’s according to a recent study that says it is the first “empirical study of ‘creepiness.’ ” Led by psychology professor Frank McAndrew at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, the study set out to introduce “a theoretical perspective on the common psychological experience of feeling “creeped out,” and to figure out what makes us think other people are creepy.

The conclusion — based on a survey of 1,341 people, most of whom were female and American — is that feeling creeped out is an evolved response to the ambiguity of a possible threat, which helps us to remain vigilant.

FULL story at link.

I'm glad Marta and I don't spend any time on birds.

He was in a tree by the highway in IA this morning looking for his breakfast in spitting snowfall

We went over to Iowa this morning for breakfast. Marta spotted this hawk sitting in the tree. This is taken with her phone.

Now that we have a microphone aimed at the feeders we can hear the birds calling to be fed before we get out there in the AM. A flicker. A woodpecker yesterday morning. We are adding a web cam this afternoon. So we will see and hear them from the family room.

The new web cam view just went online.

 The Nation: Why Bernie Sanders’s Win in Michigan Is Huge

Couldn't the headline say YUGE?

The results prove it’s far too early to declare the nomination contest over.


 Bernie Sanders supporters rally in Miami on March 8, the day of the Michigan primary. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

 By D.D. Guttenplan Twitter TODAY 8:00 AM

So that wasn’t supposed to happen. Like many Sanders supporters, I spent the weekend bracing myself for Michigan. And not in a good way. The most recent poll had Clinton ahead by 27 points. The RealClearPolitics average had her winning by 21 points. Even the most optimistic poll had Sanders trailing by 13 points. And that was just the maths.

There was also the fact that Clinton, to her credit, responded early and effectively to the lead poisoning crisis in Flint. Plus the way Sanders seemed to shoot himself in the foot in the last debate by appearing to suggest no white voters lived in poverty—or that all blacks lived in “the ghetto.” Of course that wasn’t what he actually said, but what he did say was easily spun against him, and while that isn’t fair, it is politics. As was, Clinton’s supporters would argue, her claim that Sanders “voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry”—by itself no more than an artful deception, but coupled with her statement that Sanders “was against the auto bailout” an outright lie. Which Sanders then had to waste precious time—and advertising money—on the eve of the vote rebutting. Call me cynical, but I figured it would probably work, and prepared myself for yet another round of Clinton’s media megaphones singing “Let’s Bury Bernie” this morning.

Instead we have a vivid reminder of how much the Sanders message matters. And why it remains far too early to declare the nomination contest over. As FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten admits, to find an upset on the same scale as what Sanders achieved in Michigan you’d have to go back over 30 years. Those polls that put Illinois and Ohio out of Sanders’s reach look a lot less reliable today. And if Sanders wins in those states, it won’t be his viability as a candidate that is in question.

Forestalling that possibility was what last week’s rash of premature defeatism was all about. That, and cutting the legs off the threat to the business-as-usual corporate sock puppetry posed by the kind of mobilized, organized, militant electorate that carried Sanders to victory in Michigan. Because the longer Sanders stays competitive, and the more delegates he brings to the convention, the harder it will be for any nominee—or Democrats further down the ticket—to “pivot” away from pledges to break up big banks, tear up TPP, block pipelines like Keystone, end voter suppression, prosecute both Wall Street fraud and police violence, and prevent corporations from stashing their profits in overseas tax havens. Which, though it may not add up to a political revolution, wouldn’t be a bad start.

FULL story at link.

A few photos AND NEWS from my NE caucus location today (Bernie has YUGE lead WON NE)

Up to the moment NE caucus results here: http://www.omaha.com/news/politics/caucus-updates-bernie-sanders-sweeps-sarpy-county-lancaster-county-caucuses/article_0e948b20-e26f-11e5-8813-0389a16e501a.html

Sarpy county had 2 Legislative districts at Bryan High.

It has been a long day. I'm out all day tomorrow for a volleyball tournament. See everybody soon.


The line.

Hillarys group in LD 45.

Bernie's groups won't fit in one shot. Lower left in head scarf. I gave her and her friend in a wheel chair a yuge hug in the entry hall. I wish I had taken a selfie of the smiles we all 3 had.

From the OWH. This is from my LD where I was a caucus captain.


Jenny Henry, center, smiles while sitting with Brooke Ryan, left, and Cale Henry before the caucus begins at Bryan High School on Saturday.

An old friend came to visit, she is the largest breed (Pileated) woodpecker in N America

Taken just moments ago. Woody the Woodpecker was based on a piliated.

Info on piliateds here: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Pileated_Woodpecker/id

On the large yellow feeder is a red bellied woodpecker. Info: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-bellied_Woodpecker/id

At First, They Thought It Was an Old Tire. When These Scientists Got Closer, They Couldn’t Believe..


When deep sea explorers see something they can’t believe, you know it’s a big deal.

Researchers with the Nautilus Live expedition — a live-streamed deep sea exploratory mission — nearly passed right over a rare specimen floating along the sea floor.

The creature was later identified as a siphonophore: a superorganism that’s made up of a colony of smaller animals called zooids. You may remember the Portuguese Man-o-War, which is perhaps the most well-known type of siphonophore. Like jellyfish, these aquatic predators use their tentacles to capture prey. Of the 175 known species, some reach lengths of up to 40 meters.

Watch the rare footage here:

Published on Jun 27, 2014
NAUTILUS LIVE 2014 | E/V Nautilus, the current ship of exploration of Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard, is exploring the ocean studying biology, geology, archeology, and more. Watch http://www.nautiluslive.org for LIVE video from the ocean floor. For dive updates follow along on social media at http://www.facebook.com/nautiluslive and http://www.twitter.com/evnautilus on Twitter.

This beautiful colonial organism drifted past Hercules' cameras, and we followed it for as long as we could keep track. They are made up of many smaller animals called zooids, and can be found floating around the pelagic zone in ocean basins around the world. One famous siphonophore species is the deadly Portugese Man O' War.

We would like to credit Wikipedia for the information read aloud toward the end of the video.

About Us:

The Ocean Exploration Trust was founded in 2008 by Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard to engage in pure ocean exploration. Our international programs center on scientific exploration of the seafloor and many of our expeditions are launched from aboard Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus, a 64-meter research vessel operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust. In addition to conducting scientific research, we offer our expeditions to explorers on shore via live video, audio, and data feeds from the field. We also bring educators and students of all ages aboard during E/V Nautilus expeditions, offering them hands-on experience in ocean exploration, research, and communications.

I was glad to git rid of them, Bernie's office was glad to get them

I called Bernie's Omaha office this morning about getting some yard signs. They said they have plenty of the plastic signs, but are temporarily out of the stands they go on.

Back when I ran for city council (twice) I had yard signs. I still had left over 2 boxes of 100 stands. Packed them in the car.

Went to the dentist first. I got a temp crown. I might have popped out at lunch and I couldn't tell because I was still numb. So I'm going back there at 5.

So I drove to Bernie's office. I told them what I came to donate. I made a lot of people happy. I explained they were just taking up space in my garage.

Somebody walked in the door and wanted to help, but didn't want to do phoning. Can you put signs together and staple them? Sure. The stapling is to keep them from flying off in the wind. So there is a lot more to pitching in than just calling and door knocking.

Anyway Bernie got 200 union made in the USA brackets. I brought home the empty cardboard box to recycle it.

Edit to add I delivered signs to friends on the way home.

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