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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 03:21 PM
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I'm going to say something good about Democratic candidates other than my choice.

Bernie Sanders: I think he's pushed the Democratic Party back towards the left. "Centrist" is not a bad word for me, but I think we needed liberal Democratic candidates, and I think Sanders has brought a lot of candidates out who are not afraid to declare themselves as liberal.

Pete Buttigieg: So many positives. Very strong speaker. Very charismatic. He's very able to anticipate attacks, and stand them on their heads. Witness what he's done to Mike Pence. The first candidate whom I'm sure is as intelligent as President Obama. I'm sure he will be very, very capable in debates.

Amy Klobuchar: Tough. Speaking in the snow doesn't particularly impress me, but her demeanor during the Kavanaugh hearings sure as hell did.

Joe Biden: Genuine. Compassionate. Is known and respected internationally.

Beto O’Rourke: Charismatic. Passionate. Able to inspire others.

Cory Booker: Compassionate and charismatic. A strong speaker who would have been very standout in any other years.

Elizabeth Warren: Highly intellectual. Has changed her views from conservative to liberal based on experiences and data, not ideology. Pragmatic yet ambitious in her economic plans.

Eric Swalwell: A very strong legislator. I like his stances on healthcare and gun control.

I don't know the other candidates well enough to comment. No offense intended.

Harris supporter here... but damn, Buttigieg's doing a hell of a job.

He’s really impressive.
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