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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 03:21 PM
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I'm completely sick of "Beto for president" threads.

Not enough experience, people. And I know the same thing was said about President Obama, but I'm gonna lay it out: I'm sure Beto is quite intelligent, but he's not in the same ZIP code as President Obama for outright brilliance. I like him as a VP candidate, but I don't want him as a presidential candidate. I don't think he's electable as a presidential candidate.

I'm sick of the same old "new bright shiny white guy" for president stuff. No to Beto. HELL no to Kennedy. Way too young, and I am not a fan of dynasties, either. Outside of his name, I think Kennedy's average as grits. Earnest and a good but not great speaker. Definitely not electable. Give him 20 years of seasoning and maybe. I - and I say this as a white man - I am damn ready for us to put up another tough as nails, brilliant woman for president. I know some of you have issues with Kamala Harris, but watching her run rings around everyone she's gone after in Senate meetings has convinced me she's sharp as hell and can win.

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